Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein EU , Ein EU Presidente

One people, one state, one Europe. And you're paying to push it.

I give you just one example of the hundreds of millions of euros of taxpayers' money spent every year on pro-EU propaganda. This fellow on the left is Captain Euro ('born Adam Andros, the only son of a famous European Ambassador'), meant to be a superhero. He was invented by a firm of 'corporate vision strategists' on the orders of the European Commission. He stars in animated films paid for by taxpayers' money and which are broadcast through the internet and television. The official line is, 'Captain Euro is the symbol of European unity and values.'
The villain opposing him is, naturally, the evil Dr D. Vider -- get it, Divider? Dr Vider is described as 'a ruthless speculator' which in Brussels code means anybody who supports the kind of free market economics the British do best and the French hate.
Captain Euro is tripe. But the propaganda drive he represents is no joke. A report just out today from the Swedish thinktank Timbro gives 25 pages of details on how the European institutions spend hundreds of millions of euros each year on what they call 'communication,' but anyone else would recognise as pro-EU, anti-national propaganda. None of it is information, all of it is taxpayer-funded marketing and advocacy for 'an ever closer union.'

And on and on the list goes. You can find the details at www.timbro.se All of the millions are taken from taxpayers, and all of it with a single aim: one people, one state.
Which is an aim with a very European pedigree in propaganda, though we are used to hearing it in the original German.

The above appears in the Mail.

I love Europe I love the idea of the common market, the ability to hop to france easily but I cannot stand the empire building.


  1. People who consider themselves to be laid back and 'reasonable' (my hubby, for instance) will not see what is right in front of their noses.

    They believe in the beneficence of the State and the EU. They don't believe that we can ever visit the likes of Hitler's Reich again because somehow, we've cracked it.

    Brainwashing by the EU has been going on for a long time, increasing its influence one baby step at a time, so as to go unnoticed by those too busy or lazy to notice.

    We can be sure they've carried out extensive psychological analyses of individual and collective behaviour. They have much from the world's dark history to draw from, as the CIA has done.

    What chance is there of waking people up in time, to prevent the disappearance of England?

  2. How much did you say they got paid to dream that up?

  3. I first blogged about Captain Euro a couple of years ago. I've checked a couple of times and they haven't used it here yet as far as I know.