Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perfectly timed

Well it was even harder to haul my sorry ass out of bed this morning. I left the house at 7.30 and arrived at work at the dot of nine

I am not a happy bunny, I am knackered and this morning was a nightmare.

I have never done so much computer work before in the presence of clients.

I had to type what they were saying and formulate in my brain what the problem was all at the same time, I can do this but doing it with my fingers tapping away on a keyboard is something very new.

I have even started to comfort eat again which is a really bad sign.

I am seriously thinking about going back on a strict diet but it is difficult when you are knackered out and spending 12 hours a day revolving around work and only a couple of hours on looking after yourself.

To add injury to the whole process my leg decided that it had had enough to day and was aching and I couldnt fucking walk easily without pain. That made me want to swear loudly all day but I have refrained from doing so. I ate myself into oblivion at lunchtime and I am still finding myself feeling woozy from the amount of food I guzzled at lunch.

Even the manager here congratulated me on a "robust Lunch You enjoy it"

Wasnt sure if that was a positive bit of feedback or a negative one.

Still I dont care for now but woe betide anyone who wakes me up early on Sunday, Unfortunately I have to get up early on saturday and haul myself to the parcel office because my neighbour missed one delivery when I was out and I got the slip saying we tried to deliver, The netbook that I am typing this on was the other parcel.. I might have gone mad if I hadnt had this.

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