Saturday, July 25, 2009

India doesnt think there is global warming

So it is a complete fabrication

Link here

Hat tip Letters from Limbo


  1. Global Warming? Lots of people are in denial about this, and there is a nagging thought that perhaps the whole carbon tax thing is just another way to raise tax revenue. One thing is for sure the planet has been through massive climatic changes in the past and will so again in the future. Are humans damaging the environment? Well that seems without doubt, the wuestion is can the planet cope. Perhaps a pandemic or something similar will thin out the herd a little. My sister in Law is Brazilian and while her and most of her friends are proud of the rainforest they bristle a little at British people telling them how they should manage it, they point out that hundreds of years ago the UK was also full of giant forests but we cut them down for agriculture and later on industry. You can't really argue with that.

  2. It is seldom that I have bestowed this honour on an entire country, but on the basis of that article all I can say is "India rocks!"

  3. Newly independent Greenland ( ever thought why the Vikings called it that ? ) see global warming as an opportunity.