Thursday, July 23, 2009

Norwich North By-Election - Calling The People Of Norwich

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Today is the day the Teddy Bears get shafted. That is the hope of millions of people around this country and it falls to the people of Norwich to deliver. No pressure.

So, if you are a person in Norwich and are reading this during your break, please do the right thing and vote Libertarian. Here is a list of the candidates and as you can see, they are all useless bar one. Thomas Burridge.

Many people like a protest vote, even more so in the current climate. But please, please don't go and waste it on some reactionary extremist from the BNP, or some made up loony party. Let alone UKIP who may, possibly, share your views on Europe, but their domestic politics are a shambles.

Remind yourself of the expenses debacle. Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat - they were all up to their necks in it. Don't give them the satisfaction of your vote.

Labour have destroyed this country.

The Tories are a shoe-in for the next election, but not winning this seat would give them the kick in the arse needed to attack to win it rather than sit back and let Brown lose it.

The Lib Dems are pointless. They won't win the election, they don't offer anything in Parliament. And remember this: if the election returns a hung Parliament they will have the casting vote, giving them another MP will probably give Labour one more as well when they side with them.

So that leaves the Libertarian Party. Here is the LPUK website and here is the manifesto. As you will see the party has a fundamental belief in your freedom of choice and the reduction of government powers to reduce that freedom.

Libertarianism is a wide ranging philosophy that encompasses wide ranging views from Left to Right. Your voice can be heard.

A vote for the Libertarian candidate is a kick in the teeth of the major parties and the rejection of the traditional protest parties. They have done nothing for anyone or anything. They represent the extremes of the traditional party system. The Libertarians do not, they represent a new approach that puts you first, a political party that challenges the political system itself.

Thomas Burridge is the second name on the ballot, send the right message to Westminster and the media of where you want this country to go.


  1. I was have a Churchill on a soap box in the market do your duty moment!