Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Thank God for holidays and for going back to a resort that you have been to before and where you know the drill and can completely just relax.

No Internet( well yes there is but I aint going there) and No TV and no newspapers.

Thank the Lord for this place and its sister resort

See you all in a couple of weeks


Monday, February 19, 2007

Post traumatic stress disorder

You know when you think that an event has been pushed away and you think nothing can re waken it?

Seems I have this problem... With something that happened about 5 years ago on foreign soil and it now has affected my life today

Im not in a good place so I apologise for not blogging the last few days

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bullied at work by psychiatric nurse and social worker

Yes Bullying happens in the NHS often by inadequate individuals and by sociopaths who like nothing better than to destroy people.

I was in tears last night as certain things tipped me over and had to make a couple of phone calls to certain friends and other services to just calm me down before bedtime.

Im about to put in a complaint and Im going to have to be very careful and elucidate the exact things and put it in such a way that I can show that they have been terrible towards me.

Luckily Im well versed at reading people and remembering things.

However I cant take the strain for very long, and Ive had to move jobs, been given an oral warning because I exploded under the strain and the bullies are still in their plush cushy places and Ive been shafted.

I took days off work to avoid these people and what do I get, the trust breathing down my neck wanting me to have a formal absence meeting stage 2 ( stage 3 is dismissal) and come August there is going to be so much medical unemployment thanks to pasty hewitt.

Life feels pretty crap.

Disillusioned with the NHS

Yup Im fed up. Its not turning out the way it was meant to. Its not a nice place and its becoming worse every year. And no one out there in the Joe Public arena understands what its like

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yes the supermarket from Germany

Im getting addicted to buying stuff from there that is useful and cheap.
I bought a radio controlled alarm clock yesterday for £4

Ive bought compost potting compost and seed compost there for 99p for 20 litres

I cant go in there without spending at least £50 on useful stuff

Am I feeling bothered Nah Im enjoying it

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Went on a Scootersafe day today. Most enjoyable fun I've had on a bike to date. Amazing how the traffic behaves when you have a police motorbike with you. The power of riding with the police. Really enjoyed myself and on a natural high from it all. Makes me more likely to take the practical part of the motorcycle test in May or June of this year.

Next weekend I get to play with a mini JCB to dig over my allotment Im beginning to like heavy machinery....

Pity I cant drive in to parliament square and remove the concrete blocks round parliament

By the way those concrete blocks are not for the blockage of terrorists, they are for preventing the populace from revolution and revolt and storming parliament because our so called elected representatives with less than 50% of the electorate are making such crazy decisions about our future that they realise if they aren't protected we'll just run them down.

Sad state of affairs

We won't let the terrorists change our way of life I think Margaret Thatcher said that

Ok Tony and John Why do we have to have ID cards, chips in our passport, Muslims calling for sharia law in Britain and paedophiles on the loose?

Why have we implemented that horrifically nonsensical fluid in handluggage requirement and why does everyone have to take their shoes off at the airport?

An airport is not a temple mandir, gurudwara or a mosque or even a church so why the shoe removal?

Have you changed our way of life

You betcha Bad BAD Tony! Two smacks for you and a knighthood/peerage and lots of money to pay your £20,000 a month mortgage payments

Thats how we the public reward the people who have taken our civil liberties away

You stink and badly Honestly you would lose a general election if you held it now so why dont you just end the agony and hold one

Friday, February 9, 2007

Laptop back but Data irretrievably gone

What the heck, it seems the computer has done me a favour and purged the memory as it was corrupted and couldn't be retrieved so I get a brand new computer and have to reload all the software and programs that I can from the discs I have and start anew but this time I shall make sure I have a backup copy and a separate location for storing that copy in case I get burgled, the computer blows up or any other such disaster strikes

Life don't you just love it!

Pasty Hewitt says closing beds is a good thing

Yeah right! Soon there'll be no beds left Will that be good too? Something along the lines of the Emperor's new clothes? People express sympathy when I tell them I work for the NHS but its not their sympathy that I need, no its their vote because their vote is the only thing that can stop this country going straight down the plughole.

Already she has made 7000 doctors unemployed who will be booking their flights to Australia and New Zealand in July and who probably are so hacked off with MTAS and the government that they'll never come back so she has just wasted about 2 billion pounds of taxpayers money just to balance the books this year along with all the hospital closures because the NHS must balance its books! Why? Its a service it doesn't actually need to balance its bloody books it needs to provide a service

Why this government and the previous governments of Margaret and Major sought to make it into a business is quite clear,they wished to privatise it in one foul swoop.

There is no legislation to prevent NHS trusts from independently becoming private organisations.... Does that surprise you? Margaret Thatcher did that and what she didn't do this government is hell bent on finishing off.

Lets be very clear about this, Why should politicians who are sackable by vote actually try to do things which they know will end up in them being voted out?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark ... as they say

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Snow in London Capital Grinds to a Halt

But Why? Surely in 1962 the capital didn't come to a halt and they had a lot more snow then !

Today on the way to work most of which I walked the five miles to Islington where I work I saw people wearing sandals with socks, stiletto heels, and flat non grip soled shoes being worn.

My question is how do they expect to be able to walk through two inches of snow in this footwear safely? I saw no wellington boots being worn anywhere on my trip into work.

I was able to by walking and by judicious use of buses in the quiet bits of the road to get to the same place in Islington as the bus this morning.

Sure enough I set off 45 minutes earlier but it was a pleasant enough walk I felt.

Global warming ? Pah!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Serious computer withdrawal

I want my laptop back and I want it now

God knows how many hours the man is going to charge me for recovering the data but I am going to the shoppe on TCR to get it tonight cos I need access at home and my data if its been recovered properly

Otherwise anyone who has sent me an email in the last 2 years Im sorry I dont have your email address anymore... Bloody computers!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

easy cafe

Thank God for Stelios

I am able to blog from an internet cafe on tottenham court road, the laptop is in hospital and is hopefully coming out on Monday or Tuesday with all the data recovered.

That said I have bought another hard disk drive of 250 Gb to backup whatever is recovered and then to put that aside safely so that if another thing blows up I can recover it all.

Back up! is my new motto though how long it will last is anyone's guess.

I'm not having the best few days and Ive felt increasingly depressed possibly due to internet withdrawal.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Lack of Motivation

Ever have those days?

As I lay under the duvet yesterday and sweated out my anxiety, despite a great light of 10000 lux waking me up I thought I dont want to do anything today Im too stressed, why am I stressed then I realised that I just didnt have the urge to do very much yesterday.

Nor today for that matter... The MTAS website is a horrific thing and thank god I dont have to apply for a job or I would be tearing my hair out
and believe me Ive done it twice in my life so far and had bald patches to prove it.

No I shall be seeing my GP on Monday morning and asking her for a letter a note or something so that I can get my employer off my back for 12 months whilst I recover to a more healthy state.

The politicians in current government have a lot to answer for. They have killed off any hope in the medical profession