Saturday, February 10, 2007


Went on a Scootersafe day today. Most enjoyable fun I've had on a bike to date. Amazing how the traffic behaves when you have a police motorbike with you. The power of riding with the police. Really enjoyed myself and on a natural high from it all. Makes me more likely to take the practical part of the motorcycle test in May or June of this year.

Next weekend I get to play with a mini JCB to dig over my allotment Im beginning to like heavy machinery....

Pity I cant drive in to parliament square and remove the concrete blocks round parliament

By the way those concrete blocks are not for the blockage of terrorists, they are for preventing the populace from revolution and revolt and storming parliament because our so called elected representatives with less than 50% of the electorate are making such crazy decisions about our future that they realise if they aren't protected we'll just run them down.

Sad state of affairs

We won't let the terrorists change our way of life I think Margaret Thatcher said that

Ok Tony and John Why do we have to have ID cards, chips in our passport, Muslims calling for sharia law in Britain and paedophiles on the loose?

Why have we implemented that horrifically nonsensical fluid in handluggage requirement and why does everyone have to take their shoes off at the airport?

An airport is not a temple mandir, gurudwara or a mosque or even a church so why the shoe removal?

Have you changed our way of life

You betcha Bad BAD Tony! Two smacks for you and a knighthood/peerage and lots of money to pay your £20,000 a month mortgage payments

Thats how we the public reward the people who have taken our civil liberties away

You stink and badly Honestly you would lose a general election if you held it now so why dont you just end the agony and hold one

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