Monday, February 5, 2007

Serious computer withdrawal

I want my laptop back and I want it now

God knows how many hours the man is going to charge me for recovering the data but I am going to the shoppe on TCR to get it tonight cos I need access at home and my data if its been recovered properly

Otherwise anyone who has sent me an email in the last 2 years Im sorry I dont have your email address anymore... Bloody computers!

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  1. Hi Henry, just thought I wish you good luck with your blog. You seem to have a lot to contribute and I hope you get through your dark days. Some of us have them, in my case I never know what causes them, I too have a life I should be greatful for and yet I'm always looking for something to fill the half empty glass.

    December was tough for me, going to work being Mr. Happy and being all crumpled up inside. January thus far is infinitely lighter and yet life has got busier, more complex and more stressful.

    Its got to be chemical, I just don't know what ones or what triggers them to take hold.

    Hope you laptop comes back in one piece!