Thursday, February 8, 2007

Snow in London Capital Grinds to a Halt

But Why? Surely in 1962 the capital didn't come to a halt and they had a lot more snow then !

Today on the way to work most of which I walked the five miles to Islington where I work I saw people wearing sandals with socks, stiletto heels, and flat non grip soled shoes being worn.

My question is how do they expect to be able to walk through two inches of snow in this footwear safely? I saw no wellington boots being worn anywhere on my trip into work.

I was able to by walking and by judicious use of buses in the quiet bits of the road to get to the same place in Islington as the bus this morning.

Sure enough I set off 45 minutes earlier but it was a pleasant enough walk I felt.

Global warming ? Pah!

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