Friday, February 9, 2007

Pasty Hewitt says closing beds is a good thing

Yeah right! Soon there'll be no beds left Will that be good too? Something along the lines of the Emperor's new clothes? People express sympathy when I tell them I work for the NHS but its not their sympathy that I need, no its their vote because their vote is the only thing that can stop this country going straight down the plughole.

Already she has made 7000 doctors unemployed who will be booking their flights to Australia and New Zealand in July and who probably are so hacked off with MTAS and the government that they'll never come back so she has just wasted about 2 billion pounds of taxpayers money just to balance the books this year along with all the hospital closures because the NHS must balance its books! Why? Its a service it doesn't actually need to balance its bloody books it needs to provide a service

Why this government and the previous governments of Margaret and Major sought to make it into a business is quite clear,they wished to privatise it in one foul swoop.

There is no legislation to prevent NHS trusts from independently becoming private organisations.... Does that surprise you? Margaret Thatcher did that and what she didn't do this government is hell bent on finishing off.

Lets be very clear about this, Why should politicians who are sackable by vote actually try to do things which they know will end up in them being voted out?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark ... as they say

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