Friday, February 2, 2007

Lack of Motivation

Ever have those days?

As I lay under the duvet yesterday and sweated out my anxiety, despite a great light of 10000 lux waking me up I thought I dont want to do anything today Im too stressed, why am I stressed then I realised that I just didnt have the urge to do very much yesterday.

Nor today for that matter... The MTAS website is a horrific thing and thank god I dont have to apply for a job or I would be tearing my hair out
and believe me Ive done it twice in my life so far and had bald patches to prove it.

No I shall be seeing my GP on Monday morning and asking her for a letter a note or something so that I can get my employer off my back for 12 months whilst I recover to a more healthy state.

The politicians in current government have a lot to answer for. They have killed off any hope in the medical profession

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