Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

There were a reported 250,000 people revelling and watching the fireworks in London last night.

But if you asked those people if they would come out another time to demonstrate, to protest against the removal of all the liberties and the excessive laws that have been emplaced upon us in the last 15 years you might actually be looking at a damp squib, probably less than 2000 of those people would actually turn up.

Yes I'm being purposely provocative, it seems to be the only spur to apathy.

If you got one million people in the area where they were last night there would be changes and the politicians would know about it. Apathy rules ok. No one is bothered, they are more interested in getting the latest bargains, they are all so institutionalized that even if the doors were wide open and beckoning a free life they would stay where they were.

In 2012 lets wake up a few people from their apathy and their institutionalized hypnotic slumbers, wake up people your power has been taken from you. Rise up and fulfill your responsibilities.

Peacefully and quietly, educate yourselves and hang the politicians with their own rope. ( figuratively speaking of course)