Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bush and Blair found Guilty of War Crimes in Kuala Lumpur

Bush Blair found guilty of 911 false flag war crim Video

Bush & Blair for the first time will be considered war crimes charges against two former heads of state. Translated from the original at

From 19 to 22 November 2011, the trial of George W. Bush (former U.S. President) and Anthony L. Blair (Former British Prime Minister) will be held in Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time that allegations of war crimes against the two former heads of state will be considered in compliance with proper legal procedure.

The charges were brought against the accused by the Commission for War Crimes in Kuala Lumpur (KLWCC), following the procedures prescribed by law. The Commission, after receiving complaints from victims of the war in Iraq in 2009, has conducted a careful and thorough investigation for almost two years, and in 2011, has been formally accused of war crimes against Bush, Blair and their associates .

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 and its occupation have killed 1.4 million Iraqis. Countless others have endured unspeakable torture and hardship. The cries of these victims have so far been ignored by the international community. The fundamental human right to be heard was denied.

As a result, in 2008 was accounted for KLWCC to fill this void and to act as an initiative of the people, to provide a way for these victims to present their complaints and to have their day in a court of popular justice.

The first accusation against George W. Bush and Anthony L. Blair Crimes against Peace:

The defendants have committed crimes against peace, in the sense that those accused have planned, prepared and invaded the sovereign state of Iraq March 19, 2003 in violation of the UN Charter and international law.

The second accusation is the crime of torture and war crimes against eight U.S. citizens who are in particular George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo, in which:

Accused persons have committed the crime of torture and war crimes in that: the defendants have voluntarily participated in the formulation of executive orders and directives to exclude the applicability of all laws and international conventions, particularly the Convention against Torture 1984, the Geneva Convention III, 1949, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Charter, in relation to the war launched by the United States and others in Afghanistan (in 2001) and Iraq (March 2003), also and / or on the base and in the pursuit of the same, the accused persons have been authorized or are conniving, ordering acts of torture and cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment against the victims, in violation of international law, treaties and conventions between which the Convention against Torture and the 1984 Geneva Conventions, including the Geneva Convention III of 1949.

The process will take place before the Court for war crimes in Kuala Lumpur, which consists of eminent personalities in the possession of legal qualifications.

The judges of the Court, are headed by retired judge of the Federal Court Malaysia Dato 'Abdul Kadir Sulaiman, also include other names including Mr. Alfred Lambremont Webre, a Yale graduate, who has written several books on politics, Dato' Zakaria Yatim, retired judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia, Tunku Sofiah Jewa, lawyer and author of numerous publications on international law, Professor Salleh Buang, former Director of the Federal Attorney General Chambers and renowned author, Prof. Niloufer Bhagwat, an expert in Constitutional Law , Administrative Law and International Law, and Prof. Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi Emeritus Datuk, a prominent academic and professor of law.

The Court will judge and evaluate the evidence presented, as in any court. The judges of the court must be convinced that the allegations are proven beyond a reasonable doubt and provide a reasoned opinion.

In the event that the court condemn any of the defendants, the only sanction is that the name of the guilty will be entered in the Register of War Criminals of the Commission and advertised all over the world. The court is a court of conscience and initiative of the people.

The charge for the trial will be presented by Prof. Gurdial S Nijar, a law professor and leading author of numerous legal publications and Prof. Francis Boyle, an eminent American professor, practitioner and advocate of international law, and assisted by a team of lawyers.

The process will take place in an open court 19 to 22 November 2011 at the Foundation's headquarters in Al-Bukhari Jalan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I knew it There are cures for Cancer.


Cancer. He said. "We can cure almost every cancer right now. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if it's ever decided that it should be released. But consider - if people stop dying of cancer, how rapidly we would become overpopulated. You may as well die of cancer as of something else." Efforts at cancer treatment would be geared more toward comfort than toward cure. There was some statement that ultimately the cancer cures which were being hidden in the Rockefeller Institute would come to light because independent researchers might bring them out, despite these efforts to suppress them. But at least for the time being, letting people die of cancer was a good thing to do because it would slow down the problem of overpopulation.
For anyone reading this please note all cancer research charities are scams and funded by pharma companies to promote their toxic products.

The date that passage was actually said was in 1969.

Before I was born.

Link to original article

Thursday, October 20, 2011

To the Occupy Protesters. A salutary lesson in Politics.

I hate to say this but you are going about this the wrong way. You are targetting the wrong people. The bankers, ie their employees are no more to blame than you are.
What you need to do is to get to the root of the problem, at the moment you are high up in the branches and doing little to kill off the problem. One branch dead big deal,the tree still survives, Kill the roots however and you bring down the whole sorry system, boughs, trunk and leaves and branches all dead. Domestos dead. It is not for nothing that weedkiller usually targets the roots. What you are doing is spraying the leaves and hoping that the roots might get touched. The phrase Pi**ing in the wind comes to mind.......
To understand the Banks you need to use history and find out who the Banks are owned by. They make a profit for whom? Not the poor bastards who work 140 hours a week and get their paltry bonuses of a few hundred grand No not in the slightest. Who owns the Bank of England ? Its a privately owned bank. It pays money to its investors all 13 of them. Find out who those thirteen are and blockade them!

It would be much more useful than sitting on the steps of St Pauls making hue and cry, and not bothering the real problem makers who are safe in their boltholes. You might be interested to know that the Federal Reserve that awful private bank in the USA is actually owned by the Bank of England, Lock, stock and both barrels and what is the Federal Reserve doing? Its printing money with no backing , the real reason why prices are going sky high. You only have to look at the Weimar republic in Germany or for a more uptodate example Zimbabwean Dollars, We are all Zimbawean Millionaires even if we only have ten pounds in our pocket. Whats more its doing this on purpose. And so is the Bank of England with its new stimulus quantitative easing ( in short printing itself out of a problem) Who do you think ordered that to happen?

You sitting around in St Paul's Churchyard is going to achieve diddly squat. I can promise you that.

The same forces are at work as they always have been. Nothing has changed in 150 years and you are hardly going to change it. Wise up and act smartly, at the moment all you are doing is creating an eyesore and a bit of public interest.

One of your targets has already flown the coop, wisely I would say. They are 10000 miles away in the sunshine. The other is probably on his lovely yacht in the Mediterranean. and the others are scattered around where you won't find them.

Think, make plans and then act on them Sitting around drinking Starbucks coffee and saying smash the bankers is like a kiddie throwing his toys out of a pram. You'll get a certain amount of attention but you'll be studiously ignored.

Going for the real root of the problem is like cutting the phone wires and the electric cables at night, locking all the doors and windows and then setting a fire when you are a bit older and bit more wiser to what will really freak your parents out. Yes then you can burn down the house, and whats more the system with it.

As it is you have no clue as to how to proceed.

The EU is draining us dry, we send 50 million pounds every day to the growing monster in Brussels. No one ever complains I wonder why not? Even David Cameron our so Called Elected representative won't take our wishes on board. Do you know why? Because he is owned by the banks owners. They dictate policy

Do you know why this is?

Whom do the governments of the world owe money to? Who do they pay their debts to? Who holds them in hock for the money that they require and who therefore sets the policies on how this money should be repaid? Its like the local loanshark He makes you do what you have to do to get the money or he sells your debt to a nastier person. Its no different with the banks and the big banks sell out to the even bigger ones All roads lead to the Federal Reserve, American Express and the Bank of England.

Answer that question and you have your answers Follow the money trail.

I'm not saying the road is easy Its taken me the best part of nine years to figure it out so far. Frankly I'm surprised you're at the stock exchange, the loan sharks don't hang out there, only their debtors do because thats where their desperate debtors try and make the money back, But the problem is that the stock exchange is like a casino, Its biased in favour of the banks, They own it but they never tell you that. And we all know what casinos do? They launder money and make a profit for their owners, but its not the only thing that the owners possess.

Believe me when I say that everything will be clear if you follow the money trail and cross reference it with how things move.

You have your work cut out for you and you ain't going to achieve it on the steps of St Paul's unless you are praying for divine intervention.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Peter Bottomley's Scandalous EDM

Scandal has gripped Peter Bottomely as whistleblower Dr Rita Pal has decided to correct her data online. According to her new blog , Dr Pal has resorted to a website to correct what Parliament cannot. The tale is simple - Private Eye appears to have lifted Dr Pal's recommendations/ideas on improving whistleblowing and it has appeared on Peter Bottomley's EDM. Private Eye's two authors have taken all the credit. Dr Pal is not happy about this. She requested citation from Peter Bottomley MP and Dr Phil Hammond. Apparently, the Mr Bottomley was not exactly "Cool" during his responses to her. The website makes interesting reading. It is clear that Early Day Motions are open to abuse by MPs who are not entirely concerned about using citation. The shocking factor is that many MPs including Glenda Jackson have openly supported this "lift" of ideas. An associate of Private Eye and Peter Bottomley appears to have requested a removal of her criticisms in exchange for a reference. It appears that Dr Pal has told them where to go. Sources have told us that Dr Pal has also been threatened in a number of ways. This is worrying. Is Private Eye attempting to silence a whistleblower? It is certainly bad publicity for Peter Bottomley to have the second author on a leading Whistleblowing paper challenge him in this way.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tottenham: Riot Damage

The full extent of the Riot damage is below in a statement from Haringey Council

However as we know a picture is worth a thousand words

The full set of pictures can be seen here

The full picture of damage along Tottenham High Road resulting from the disturbances is as follows:-

- Five buildings have been assessed by Building Control as having serious structural damage and therefore being dangerous structures – ie:

* 662 High Road (three storey building) – completely burnt out
* Carpet Right Building (commercial premises + 26 flats River Heights) – completely burnt out and controlled demolition expected to tart today
* ALDI Supermarket and Fitness First – burnt out and roof collapsed
* 530-536 High Road / corner of Dowsett Road – burnt out and with a dangerous flank wall. Associated damage to 14 residential properties in Windsor Parade.
* 436-442 High Road – William Hill premises gutted

In addition three council buildings have been damaged and temporarily closed for business – ie:
* 639 High Road – premises for almost 100 Planning, Building Control and Homes for Haringey staff. Staff being relocated to River Park House.
* 684 High Road – premises for Mental Health services. 8 staff and a number of service users have been moved to Clarendon Day Centre.
* 476 High Road – premises for over 60 Youth Offending Service staff. Staff have been moved to the Council’s Professional Development Centre near Turnpike Lane.

In addition to the major damage mentioned above, it is estimated that at least 100 premises have suffered some form of damage on and around the High Road / Tottenham Hale.

It is expected that Lansdowne Road and Dowsett Road will remain closed until demolition of the burnt out buildings has been completed and safety officials are still assessing how long Tottenham High Road next to the Carpetright building needs to remain closed.

The section of High Road between Bruce Grove and Monument Way is a TfL road so they will be assessing the cost of the damage to this.

Even the German bombers didn't destroy Tottenham like this.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Damian Thompson: The Omen

I have responded to this article in the Telegraph.

I have issue with what he says about the bloggers. Most of us are honest decent people who wish to propagate the truth about our heavily censored media and the way the government and the TV hypnotise us with NLP, and silly ads asking for our five a day ( which by the way was a marketing campaign in the sixties and has no basis in any scientific truth}

Yes the people are led quite literally to the slaughter. What will our descendants think of us? We'll certainly know in 60 years time By that time even by conservative estimates if the Muslim population has multiplied by 64 in Norway, then it will be a majority Muslim country. I don't condone violence. Especially not murder, I have had a friend murdered and it is not a nice thing by any stretch of the imagination . If you want bloodthirsty literature read the Quran ( Online even and in several translations)

Was Anders Breivik an internet troll? I’m sorry if that seems a flippant question to ask about a man who killed dozens of Norwegian teenagers, but you can’t read his 1,500-page “manifesto” without being struck by how thoroughly he trawled the web. Whatever the explanation for his murderous actions, this was definitely a brain warped by the blogosphere.

For readers unfamiliar with blogs, I should explain what I mean by “troll”. The word can be used to describe two types of commenters who write underneath published posts. There are simple-minded folk with jokey nicknames who fling insults at each other for hours at a stretch, amusing no one but themselves. My own blog is infested with them. Honestly, I sometimes wish they would crawl away and die. Then there are the pyjama-clad pseudonymous obsessives whose fingers are calloused from rattling out the truth about the “EUSSR”, BBC bias, Big Pharma, Zionists, Islam etc.

These trolls aren’t confined to the far Left or the far Right: some of the most noxious internet bores turn out to be Liberal Democrats. It’s true that, on the whole, their views tend to be controversial, but the essence of their trolling is their rhetorical style: in particular, an insistence that they know the truth about everything. All they really have in common – apart from an aversion to deodorant – is hysterical omniscience.

Speaking as someone who hates the way the mainstream media suck up to radical Muslims, I find it frustrating that websites devoted to monitoring Islamism are dominated by trolls and writers who play up to them. I don’t trust a word that the BBC tells me about “the religion of peace” – but equally, I can’t trust either the articles or the comments on the Gates of Vienna or Jihad Watch websites. (This I learnt the hard way, by quoting on my own blog an anecdote about Muslims besieging a hospital that turned out to be an urban myth.)
This is my reply

"Then there are the pyjama-clad pseudonymous obsessives whose fingers are
calloused from rattling out the truth about the “EUSSR”, BBC bias, Big
Pharma, Zionists, Islam etc."

Well I am not pyjama clad neither do I have calloused fingers nor am I obsessive nor do I have pseudonymous blogs everyone knows what my pseudonym is. I must tell you though that you would do well to read the Hadith, the Quran and the other books around that era, to understand the "religion of peace".

Frankly from my point of view, Muslims have killed over 250 million Hindus, from the year 800AD to the present day ( if thats peaceful I'll eat my hat publically)

The Jewish Holocaust pales in comparison. The Mountain range Hindu Kush for example: Kush is the word for killing, Now tell me why would a mountain range be called that unless it had killed a fair few Hindus in its time? * khud kushi* being the two words for suicide Killing oneself being the literal translation"

as for the Gujurati Woman You will notice that she is Muslim Why would she bother, shes not supposed to bother according to the Quran. Frankly she wants to enjoy her conjugal rights and the world be damned, and the Human rights law is a convenient tool in her arsenal to get what she wants despite the law saying otherwise.

For your information the Coptic Christians predate Islam, theyve been around since AD248 Why doesnt islam conform to the older religion? Ask yourself that

As for Anders Breivik how do we know he wasn't trained by Mossad?/CIA/Vatican and brainwashed? We don't

He hasnt said anything, he didn't even know how many he had killed He asked his lawyer for the number of dead ones

Considering that I remember grave mistakes on my part, what the hell ? Can he not remember killing that many on Utoya? Did he lose count? What? You'll have to forgive me but Im only up to page 454 of his manifest and I dont believe anyone who says theyve read it cover to cover properly in the last week. Its too long and you have to cross reference it at every stage.

So you sir are a liar. You have not read it in its entirety and understood it for what it is at present.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to Blogging

It seems I need to be back blogging, here's a little number from Amy Winehouse.

Old Holborn this morning tweeted that why should the taxpayers of each country in Europe prop up the private banks?

Nuff said.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Re: Anna Raccoon Statement

Regarding Anna, It is my intention to not put forward my side of the story. Nothing would be gained from this, and I do not wish to sink to the level that Anna has. Some of us at least have the dignity to forget such things and move on.

Suffice to say she does not have her facts right, indeed Im surprised that her account is coherent enough.

She may think that by telling her fascinating story that she may garner trust and followers, the thing is that if she has done it to us, who were once her friends, who would be next?

None of you are safe in the presence of such a woman. Let that be a lesson.

I am content to not further this sordid snitch like episode. I personally haven't the time to hold or bear grudges in such fantastically poetically licenced sensationalist postings.

As for the GMC Do you realise that it is currently being litigated against in a total of 150 cases some at the High Court and some at the European court.

Says more than anything.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Re: Anna Raccoon

There will be a statement released on Saturday Morning.

However do not expect a long post.

I am glad to see such a wealth of visitors though 91 today Thats as many votes I got in the General Election.

Welcome, I have been taking a break from blogging recently.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The GMC Face the Facts. BBC Radio 4

The Spanish Inquisition.

I did actually in the unedited form say Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Niall Dickson was lying of course.

Here is the link to the program Download and enjoy. You get to hear my dulcet tones.

The GMC are an organisation not fit for purpose.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Soylent Green

Its the full movie ( will take some time to download but well worth a view.)