Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Peter Bottomley's Scandalous EDM

Scandal has gripped Peter Bottomely as whistleblower Dr Rita Pal has decided to correct her data online. According to her new blog http://www.edm2031.blogspot.com/ , Dr Pal has resorted to a website to correct what Parliament cannot. The tale is simple - Private Eye appears to have lifted Dr Pal's recommendations/ideas on improving whistleblowing and it has appeared on Peter Bottomley's EDM. Private Eye's two authors have taken all the credit. Dr Pal is not happy about this. She requested citation from Peter Bottomley MP and Dr Phil Hammond. Apparently, the Mr Bottomley was not exactly "Cool" during his responses to her. The website makes interesting reading. It is clear that Early Day Motions are open to abuse by MPs who are not entirely concerned about using citation. The shocking factor is that many MPs including Glenda Jackson have openly supported this "lift" of ideas. An associate of Private Eye and Peter Bottomley appears to have requested a removal of her criticisms in exchange for a reference. It appears that Dr Pal has told them where to go. Sources have told us that Dr Pal has also been threatened in a number of ways. This is worrying. Is Private Eye attempting to silence a whistleblower? It is certainly bad publicity for Peter Bottomley to have the second author on a leading Whistleblowing paper challenge him in this way.

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