Saturday, July 30, 2011

Damian Thompson: The Omen

I have responded to this article in the Telegraph.

I have issue with what he says about the bloggers. Most of us are honest decent people who wish to propagate the truth about our heavily censored media and the way the government and the TV hypnotise us with NLP, and silly ads asking for our five a day ( which by the way was a marketing campaign in the sixties and has no basis in any scientific truth}

Yes the people are led quite literally to the slaughter. What will our descendants think of us? We'll certainly know in 60 years time By that time even by conservative estimates if the Muslim population has multiplied by 64 in Norway, then it will be a majority Muslim country. I don't condone violence. Especially not murder, I have had a friend murdered and it is not a nice thing by any stretch of the imagination . If you want bloodthirsty literature read the Quran ( Online even and in several translations)

Was Anders Breivik an internet troll? I’m sorry if that seems a flippant question to ask about a man who killed dozens of Norwegian teenagers, but you can’t read his 1,500-page “manifesto” without being struck by how thoroughly he trawled the web. Whatever the explanation for his murderous actions, this was definitely a brain warped by the blogosphere.

For readers unfamiliar with blogs, I should explain what I mean by “troll”. The word can be used to describe two types of commenters who write underneath published posts. There are simple-minded folk with jokey nicknames who fling insults at each other for hours at a stretch, amusing no one but themselves. My own blog is infested with them. Honestly, I sometimes wish they would crawl away and die. Then there are the pyjama-clad pseudonymous obsessives whose fingers are calloused from rattling out the truth about the “EUSSR”, BBC bias, Big Pharma, Zionists, Islam etc.

These trolls aren’t confined to the far Left or the far Right: some of the most noxious internet bores turn out to be Liberal Democrats. It’s true that, on the whole, their views tend to be controversial, but the essence of their trolling is their rhetorical style: in particular, an insistence that they know the truth about everything. All they really have in common – apart from an aversion to deodorant – is hysterical omniscience.

Speaking as someone who hates the way the mainstream media suck up to radical Muslims, I find it frustrating that websites devoted to monitoring Islamism are dominated by trolls and writers who play up to them. I don’t trust a word that the BBC tells me about “the religion of peace” – but equally, I can’t trust either the articles or the comments on the Gates of Vienna or Jihad Watch websites. (This I learnt the hard way, by quoting on my own blog an anecdote about Muslims besieging a hospital that turned out to be an urban myth.)
This is my reply

"Then there are the pyjama-clad pseudonymous obsessives whose fingers are
calloused from rattling out the truth about the “EUSSR”, BBC bias, Big
Pharma, Zionists, Islam etc."

Well I am not pyjama clad neither do I have calloused fingers nor am I obsessive nor do I have pseudonymous blogs everyone knows what my pseudonym is. I must tell you though that you would do well to read the Hadith, the Quran and the other books around that era, to understand the "religion of peace".

Frankly from my point of view, Muslims have killed over 250 million Hindus, from the year 800AD to the present day ( if thats peaceful I'll eat my hat publically)

The Jewish Holocaust pales in comparison. The Mountain range Hindu Kush for example: Kush is the word for killing, Now tell me why would a mountain range be called that unless it had killed a fair few Hindus in its time? * khud kushi* being the two words for suicide Killing oneself being the literal translation"

as for the Gujurati Woman You will notice that she is Muslim Why would she bother, shes not supposed to bother according to the Quran. Frankly she wants to enjoy her conjugal rights and the world be damned, and the Human rights law is a convenient tool in her arsenal to get what she wants despite the law saying otherwise.

For your information the Coptic Christians predate Islam, theyve been around since AD248 Why doesnt islam conform to the older religion? Ask yourself that

As for Anders Breivik how do we know he wasn't trained by Mossad?/CIA/Vatican and brainwashed? We don't

He hasnt said anything, he didn't even know how many he had killed He asked his lawyer for the number of dead ones

Considering that I remember grave mistakes on my part, what the hell ? Can he not remember killing that many on Utoya? Did he lose count? What? You'll have to forgive me but Im only up to page 454 of his manifest and I dont believe anyone who says theyve read it cover to cover properly in the last week. Its too long and you have to cross reference it at every stage.

So you sir are a liar. You have not read it in its entirety and understood it for what it is at present.