Sunday, May 31, 2009

Move over Darling

Seems the Badger of Downing Street is a duplicitous lying double second home claimer.

Alistair its time to get reshuffled

Nick Clegg on Sacking MPs

Well Nick Will the Turkeys Vote for Christmas?

Bin Laden Captured

Funny for Monday Morning

Monthly Stat Pron

Well it seems I may have started to get a decent readership finally!

Even More Worrisome

History Repeats Itself – or Does It?

In his well-researched article, Hutchinson notes that Weimar Germany had been suffering from inflation ever since World War I; but it was in the two year period between 1921 and 1923 that the true “Weimar hyperinflation” occurred. By the time it had ended in November 1923, the mark was worth only one-trillionth of what it had been worth back in 1914. Hutchinson goes on:

“The current policy mix reflects those of Germany during the period between 1919 and 1923. The Weimar government was unwilling to raise taxes to fund post-war reconstruction and war-reparations payments, and so it ran large budget deficits. It kept interest rates far below inflation, expanding money supply rapidly and raising 50% of government spending through seigniorage (printing money and living off the profits from issuing it). . . .

“The really chilling parallel is that the United States, Britain and Japan have now taken to funding their budget deficits through seigniorage. In the United States, the Fed is buying $300 billion worth of U.S. Treasury bonds (T-bonds) over a six-month period, a rate of $600 billion per annum, 15% of federal spending of $4 trillion. In Britain, the Bank of England (BOE) is buying 75 billion pounds of gilts [the British equivalent of U.S. Treasury bonds] over three months. That’s 300 billion pounds per annum, 65% of British government spending of 454 billion pounds. Thus, while the United States is approaching Weimar German policy (50% of spending) quite rapidly, Britain has already overtaken it!”

And that is where the data gets confusing. If Britain is already meeting a larger percentage of its budget deficit by seigniorage than Germany did at the height of its hyperinflation, why is the pound now worth about as much on foreign exchange markets as it was nine years ago, under circumstances said to have driven the mark to a trillionth of its former value in the same period, and most of this in only two years? Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar has actually gotten stronger relative to other currencies since the policy was begun last year of massive “quantitative easing” (today’s euphemism for seigniorage).3 Central banks rather than governments are now doing the printing, but the effect on the money supply should be the same as in the government money-printing schemes of old. The government debt bought by the central banks is never actually paid off but is just rolled over from year to year; and once the new money is in the money supply, it stays there, diluting the value of the currency. So why haven’t our currencies already collapsed to a trillionth of their former value, as happened in Weimar Germany? Indeed, if it were a simple question of supply and demand, a government would have to print a trillion times its earlier money supply to drop its currency by a factor of a trillion; and even the German government isn’t charged with having done that. Something else must have been going on in the Weimar Republic, but what?

The above is very worrying.
I would say it was almost frightening.

If we tip the balance and something goes wrong people will starve to death in Britain.

Just what is being buried, whilst the MPs expenses affair rolls around town


It seems that the sun has finally got to Obnoxio

This is a little gem
You jumped-up, overweening, self-important cuntweasel of a fuckstick.

Do go and read the whole article It is rather fun

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Christian party

Henceforth known as the evangelising hypocrites.

Snapped on my way home

This is the first time I have seen someone campaigning.

Saturday Afternoon

I spent a very pleasant couple of hours with fellow bloggers, Steve Green of Daily Referendum, Daniel1979, OldCroydonian, Marksanymusings, Man in a Shed, and a couple of others whose names escape me now along with Devils Kitchen with mater and girlfriend in tow and Martin Coxall at St Stephens Tavern with a cameo appearance by none other than Nick Clegg in the mens conveniences.

Therefore no other blogging of note today.

Friday, May 29, 2009

MEPs making off with your money

If you think Westminster is bad then take a look at this did the video but its fun anyhow Hit the Road Jack and don't you come back no more...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Election Special

So its early I had a change of heart.

I have had the immense fortune to see a ballot paper for the people standing in the Yorkshire and Humber region

12 parties in total

No 1 BNP Protecting British Jobs we'll believe you thousands wouldn't Six people

No 2 Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship" six people

No3 Conservative Party six people

No 4 English Democrats " putting england first" six people

No 5 Jury Team only three people

No 6 Liberal Democrats six people but one of them lives in London

No 7 No2EU Yes to Democracy six people

No 8 Pro-Democracy: six people

No 9 Socialist Labour Party ( Leader Arthur Scargill) six people

No 10 The Green Party six people

No 11 The Labour Party six people

No 12 United Kingdom Independence Party six people one of whom lives in Sutton Coldfield.

Faced with a difficult choice.

Make it easy and vote for one of the 12.

I suppose I would vote for the UKIP but Dad has said that hes not voting for anyone.

Apathy rules ok

In fact one third of the constituency I live in didn't vote last time at the General Election. Their votes are equivalent to a majority They could actually vote in another candidate and leave the others to be voted for as before and actually change things.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Half term Break

Henry is on Half Term, No that does not mean he is at school. Far from it.

So Blogging will return when the holiday has been utilised. Its Sunny, warm and sometimes a little moist but never boring.

There will be an election special next week.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking for Nuts In Downing Street?

Well he doesn't have far to look now does he/she

Do you eat at McDonalds?

Forget the title of the video its not important.

What is important is the state of the food 3 years later.

Watch the whole video. I dont agree with the Vice or that stuff but I do think that food that doesn't deteriorate has had something done to it that makes it stay that way

Hat tip to Dr Bloggs

Made in Scotland from Girders

The chairman of the drinks firm AG Barr is finally standing down after more than 48 years with the company.

Robin Barr, 71, will formally announce his retirement at the company's AGM.

Mr Barr is one of only two people in the world who knows the secret recipe for the best-selling Irn Bru drink and the two never travel on the same plane.

Once a month the essences for the drink are personally mixed by Robin Barr in a sealed room at the company's headquarters in Cumbernauld.

The 32 different ingredients are combined in a huge vat, which mixes 8,000 litres at a time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Statutory Instruments

No charges were ever brought against Mr Damian Green MP, yet Jacqui Smith wants to hold onto his DNA sample for six years 'in case he offends again'. And to ensure that not only Damian Green but every MP in the House is denied the chance to have a say on this, she's proposing to use a Statutory Instrument.

OK, so you take a borderline fascist idea that will give the state near total surveillance over citizens lives, you plan to pump billions of tax payer money into this scheme, you try every trick in the book to bring it in through the backdoor, all to the publics' anger, as well as opposition from both Tories and the Lib Dems, and then you find that the ECHR has decided it's illegal. It should be dead, right? No, what happens is this:

Yesterday the criticism mounted as the Home Office admitted it plans to rush the reforms through Parliament using a 'statutory instrument' which will be rubber-stamped following 90 minutes of discussion by a Labour-dominated committee, with no debate or vote in the House of Commons

Ya hoo. Or, you could scrap the whole thing. Ever consider that? No? Well, at the very least do what Strasbourg ruled you should do and stop taking the DNA of people cleared of their charges. The EU may be a load of rubbish, but you guys support it, so follow its rules.
Miss Smith's officials sparked further anger by saying the procedure was necessary in order to comply with the Strasbourg ruling as quickly as possible - effectively claiming there was not enough time for MPs to debate the matter.

Oh, you are, are you?
But the Home Secretary sparked outrage over so-called 'Big Brother' powers earlier this month when she unveiled new rules, which will still allow the police to keep innocent people on the database for six years, or 12 years if they were arrested for but cleared of a serious sexual or violent offence

Not good enough. The last part, in italics, is doubly insulting. So, if you didn't commit a minor offence, you're "only" going to have your DNA taken for 6 years. But, if you didn't commit a sexual/violent offence, that makes you more guilty than a person who didn't commit a minor offence. Once you've been charged, it's assumed you're guilty, even if the courts disagree.

Even the tabloid papers have a higher burden of proof, what with their history of demonising paedophiles and murderers before they've even set foot in court. We now receive punishment based on the seriousness of non-existent crimes. This is an insane, abusive move, that completely bypasses Parliament.

The LPUK has not one but two solutions to prevent this sort of abuse of the law- we will scrap the proposed database, along with ID cards, but will also review the statutory instrument system.

Editorial note:
The utter moral bankruptcy of this government is beyond belief and yet my own MP L Featherstone has no idea of how many statutory instruments have been passed in her time as an MP. If she doesn't know whats the bet that other MPs dont have a clue? Especially those that disappear once Mick has had his 35 second speech the other day look at them scurrying out as if they were doing something useful when they could have participated in the Foreign Office stuff

Hat tip to Raedwald for the pic and the first paragraph and the Libertarian party members blog namely Martin for the rest.

Frankly I think the government now is a cherry short of a schwarzwalderkirschtorte

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hewlett speaks another truth

Raymond Hewlett is alleged to have been staying around an hour's drive from the McCanns' holiday flat in Praia da Luz, Portugal when she vanished on May 3, 2007.

The McCanns' investigation team wants to interview the 64-year-old in the next few days in the hope he can shed some light on her disappearance.

A former soldier who met Hewlett at a campsite in Morocco in May 2007 told the Sunday Mirror he admitted parking a van close to the McCann's complex on several occasions.

Peter Verran, 46, said: "He brought Madeleine up straight away. He said his three-year-old daughter looked like her.

"He was worried that because there had been reports that Madeleine may have been spirited away to Morocco, people might think his child was her. Then he suddenly said, 'Madeleine's not in Morocco'.

"I asked him what he meant and he said he knew Praia Da Luz really well. He knew the Ocean Club complex where the McCanns had been staying.

"He said he'd been there many times and had often parked his van close to the apartment.

"He said he knew the layout of the place, the flat and the restaurant where the McCanns and their friends had been eating when Maddie disappeared.

"He had a lot of detail about the layout. He said there was no way that the child could be taken without the parents seeing. He said they were lying."

This has been reported on Sky News.

I don't doubt him for a minute. He knows the layout, and the last paragraph speaks volumes. I think he is innocent though, because he would have not bothered to say anything to someone if he were involved.

Gerry and Kate may yet be undone The Tapas Nine have some serious confessing to do.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nadine Dorries gets taken down by the Telegraph

Just a short note. Nadine has been taken down

You can read her allegedly libellous actions here on the cached copy by google

She gets more notoriety and more publicity by having it taken down rather than it being left up there and being forgotten about in the next few days.

You fools.


Winners and Losers is the post you need to read. Hopefully the electorate aren't too stupid though you never can tell.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

August General Election to be called?

Hat tip to Tory Bear and Guido Fawkes

The Twitter account has been deleted but we have salvation in the form of Tweleted.

If someone can work that is It seems to be hot as its asking for passwords and usernames.....

Update: Have searched Twitter... and guess what we find. Click on image to enlarge

Confirmation that the Tweet was indeed sent to AMitchellMP

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What 30 years of troughing does to you

Before and After.

Troughing at the taxpayers expense.

Mr Speaker is to Go!

Pic by Grumpy Old Twat

Breaking News

Under-fire Speaker to step down

Michael Martin is understood to be preparing to announce he will stand down as Commons Speaker.

Woo Yay! Its taken sometime but it seems hes going to be the first speaker since the 17th Century to be forced out.

Does this mean there will be a By-Election?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ex-Cop: 'I Want To See McCanns In Court'

From Sky News

The disgraced former police chief who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann said he is going to fight legal action from her parents.

Kate and Gerry McCann announced this weekend they are to sue Goncalo Amaral for defamation after he claimed in a book and series of interviews that they were involved in the little girl's death.

The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, said they are taking action because his claims that Madeleine is dead are hampering the search for their daughter.

His comments had also caused "indescribable devastation and suffering" to their lives, they said.

But Mr Amaral, who was in charge when the McCanns were made official suspects and was later removed from the case, said he plans to counter-sue the pair.

So this is where the Find Madeleine Fund gets spent? Or are they using their own money for this?

Married to the Mob

Dan Hannan has been desperately searching for someone who will admit an intention to vote for Brown's shower of shit on June 4th. He eventually found one.

She was a pretty, friendly, gently-spoken single mother in her mid-thirties, and she had voted Labour all her life. "What, even this time?" I asked, genuinely startled. "I suppose it's like a marriage," she said, loyally. "You shouldn't walk out just because you're angry about something".

An interesting analogy.

We can assume, then, that she would stay with a hypothetical spouse who lied about his intentions in order to move in, then proceeded to take as much of her money as he could grab to give to his mates or the next door neighbours. She wouldn't leave when he dictates how she should live her life, by banning her from doing things she enjoyed, and taking more cash off her if she wished to continue doing other things she has always done. She'd also not pack her bags if he decided to watch her every move and demand that he know exactly where she was at any minute of the day or night, and if he was suspicious of her, to be able to keep her locked up in the basement for up to 42 days. She wouldn't even run bawling to her mum's place if he racked up huge debts on her credit card but, instead of economising, decided to spend his way out of it, thereby putting her in debt for the rest of her natural days. And she'd still snuggle up to him of an evening even when she realised that, while she was eating beans and dry toast during the hard times, he was raiding her bank account to gorge himself on chateaubriand and champagne.

Not really a marriage, is it? More like domestic abuse.

From Dick Puddlecote

McCanns To Sue Ex-Police Chief Over 'Slurs'

Gerald and Kate McCann are to sue Goncalo Amaral about his "slurs"

From Sky News:

In a statement, they said: "We - together with our three children Madeleine, Sean and Amelie - are taking this legal action against Goncalo Amaral over his entirely unfounded and grossly defamatory claims - made in all types of media, both within Portugal and beyond - that Madeleine is not only dead, but that we, her parents, were somehow involved in concealing her body."

Full story here

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finsbury Park Compost Giveaway

I went to this last Saturday and they gave us 2 bags of compost each but they had a topsoil pile as well which they said we could help ourselves to.

Topsoil above as you can see everyone got stuck in
So I duly did and this is what I found in the top soil in one of the bags when I had got it home, the other bags went to the allotment.

A George V farthing, badly corroded but you can see the V for George and the outline of his face. On the tails side you can just make out the shield of Britannia.

What a lucky find from a giveaway pile of topsoil!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ten Reasons not to Fornicate with a Libertarian

Just to continue the Satire because anything is funny and this is pure theatre....

From Whom I thank for having tweeted about it and me finding it.

After all, Libertarians “basically believe in individual choice and responsibility. You make your choices and you are responsible for the consequences of those choices.” (M. Shermer 2009)

Top Ten Reasons Not to F**k A Libertarian

  1. Apparently, despite their names, the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged are NOT porn. At least to normal people
  2. Laissez-faire is never a good thing in bed.
  3. Rational self-interest is code for him coming in five minutes and going back to work.
  4. Ethical egoism is often synonymous with egotistical asshat who gives to charity. Of course that "charity" is a libertarian PAC.
  5. Travel to late night booty calls requires roads. Roads that he wishes were privatized, perhaps by Halliburton or Blackwater
  6. Showers to get ready for sex or clean up afterwards require water, which many of us would prefer to be free from deadly amoebas. Women are so picky.
  7. Sex toys made in a libertarian society could contain nasty, nasty things that would anger your vagina. Of course, the MARKET, would eventually correct it, but do you want to be the sacrificial tang? Additionally, with no government testing or regulations of condoms, who knows what could happen. Don’t worry about it. Again, market correction will help, because if the condom breaks now, you will be SURE not to buy that condom brand again.
  8. If you get pregnant, sure abortion will be available. In fact, LOTS of choices for abortion would be available, including the market driven cheapie drive-thru abortion clinics (Stop N Drop That Fetus) that the government has no power to shut down.
  9. If you choose to give birth, there is a high chance that the child will ALSO have the libertarian gene. Can you really risk that? Do you want to homeschool? Do you want to go back to work three days after giving birth because there is no maternity leave and your employer can fire you with no repercussions?
  10. Finally, with so many yummy liberal skeptic dudes, who has time to f**k the free market fundies?
Standard Disclaimer. This is a Libertarian Blog but who says we can't laugh at ourselves occasionally?

Bit of Light Relief

I thought I should share a nice little photo session ( courtesy of B3ta) with you.

Midweek light relief ( yes I know its Thursday) I was busy... click on the picture to enlarge it and read it in full Technicolour.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ten Good Reasons To Vote For The BNP

From our guest Blogger Juliette. Satire is her strongpoint.

'What the hell do you mean, you're thinking of voting for the BNP?'

This was me. Last night. Talking to someone I know. It may scare the shit out of you when I say that the person in question is a perfectly pleasant, normal, politically moderate individual, with no racist tendencies beyond a mild to moderate dislike of the Scottish - but nothing heavy even in this area. I mean, they wouldn't want to throw Scottish people into concentration camps or torture them to death or anything.

Well, apart from Gordon Brown, obviously. But I think that's fairly universal.

'The other parties are all completely useless,' this person said defensively. 'At least the BNP might give a toss about what ordinary people actually want.'

I stared at her (oops, I meant 'this person') in total and utter bewilderment. From my point of view, this whole situation is like something off Invasion of the Body Snatchers. All my life, I'm used to being the right wing one in any conversation with normal, moderate people. One of the finest and truest political quotes I've ever heard in my life - 'a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet.'

It's come to something when I get handed the role which was originally earmarked for Polly sodding Toynbee.

'Jesus Christ. They're neo nazis. You cannot seriously, genuinely intend to vote for these people.'

'Oh, come on. They're not that bad.'

'Yes, they are that bad - I've met neo nazi BNP scumbags, remember? Back in the day. They threw stones at me. For being sort of pale olive ish.'

'Well - they were just kids, Juliette. They've grown up now.'

'Damn right they've grown up now. Into neo-nazi scumbags. Who vote for the BNP.'

This conversation could have gone on all night, but was happily derailed by the subject of Katie and Peter's separation. This topic was considerably less controversial, and we rapidly arrived at a consensus opinion. Definitely her fault. Dead eyed cow.

Nonetheless, what my companion had said about maybe voting for the BNP haunted me all night.

Holy crap, what if lots of normal people are thinking like this?

What if the buggers get in, just because they're not called the Useless Thieving Scumbags, the Old Etonian Smug Bastards or the Total And Utter Wastes Of Space (sorry, New Labour, Tories or Lib Dems)??

Did a tiny handful of Cassandra-like people lie awake thinking thoughts like this in Berlin, circa 1930???

Was I being paranoid?????

However, I always think it's best to look on the bright side. And, as I did so, I may have inadvertently come up with a new advertising campaign for the not-racist-at-all-when-you-get-to-know-them gentlemen in question (some of whose best friends are black, gay, Jewish or Asian)...

Ten Good Reasons To Vote For The BNP

1 - If we descend into a nightmarish Nazi state where every aspect of life is under rigid and tyrannical state control, I may finally get my Boots advantage card replaced. I don't wish to sound petty, but it's been three months now.

2 - If the British film industry is forcibly turned over to producing nightmarish Nazi propaganda movies, they may finally have to cut back on the Lottery-funded turkeys about mockney gangsters called things like Harry the Hatchet. And slice it however you will, The Triumph of the Will is a significantly better film than Shifty.

3 - The BNP would, and I quote, offer "firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home." Which, to be fair, does mean that we'd finally see the back of Omid fucking Djalili.

4 - The BNP would also refuse to promote or encourage homosexuality and would, I quote, 'return it to the closet where it belongs". Come in, Little Britain. Your time is up.

5 - And take that dick Graham Norton with you.

6 - Everyone loves a bit of 80s retro chic, and it's all the rage this season. Stonewashed denim. Neon hairbands. Graffiti on corner shops screaming PAKIS OUT. All together now, let's go into that retro 80s hit, 'ain't no black in the Union Jack...'

7 - Hitler famously made the trains run on time. So perhaps a like-minded dictator could work his magic on fucking Virgin.

8 - National obesity crisis. Concentration camps. No national obesity crisis.

9 - Systematic elimination of the disturbed, insane and retarded isn't always as bad as it sounds. Yes, Kerry Katona, we just need you to have a quick shower. In you pop.

10 - More anti-semitism, less Peter Mandelson. There's always a silver lining, if you know where to look.

Hmmm... come to think of it, maybe I could get to like these BNP guys.

Especially if they take me on as their six-figure-salaried Head of Advertising, hint hint...

J x
Posted by Juliette

Henry's Editorial Note

It may be worth anyones time who seriously think that the BNP would do anything to remember that their constitution bars anyone not of AngloSaxon or Celtic heritage from joining their party and that if the BNP actually got in to power Britain would be likely to have international sanctions against us like we did against South Africa when they had apartheid. Basically our economy would fall apart,and they would appropriate everything. You'd end up having to grow food in your back garden and there'd be no cheap imported food anymore. Don't say you weren't warned.

Edit:We would have to grow food in our garden FOR REDISTRIBUTION, as these are Socialists aligned along national and ethnic boundaries. Thank you Roger

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Katie and Peter Stateside : Reality Bites

From our favourite guest blogger Juliette

I've just been reading about the Katie Price and Peter Andre separation.

Which, I must say, doesn't particularly surprise me. For as I may have told you before, their Stateside show has become something of a guilty pleasure chez Juliette.

As with so much reality TV, including Rock Of Love and Jodie Marsh : Who'll Take Her Up The Aisle, Katie and Peter was far darker and more complex than it was ever - or will ever be - given credit for. IMHO, reality TV is only ever as dumb, clever, banal or insightful as the person watching it. Because nobody, ever, is a good enough actor or actress to conceal all traces of their true self from cameras when they're working without a script and being filmed at random intervals. In situations like that, the underlying personality has absolutely nowhere to hide.

Oh, you can try to show the cameras exactly what you want to show them, and nothing more.

Trouble is, it doesn't always quite work like that.

Ask Les Dennis.

Or Vanessa Feltz.

I defy Barbara Vine herself to create characters as complex and terrifyingly memorable as some of the folks I've seen on 'mindless' trash TV.

Take the obsessively needy, cruel, controlling, sinister and insecure Rex and his passive-aggressive nightmare of a girlfriend Nicole on last year's Big Brother - a relationship of such darkly, disturbingly compelling strangeness as to make the goriest car crash resemble Mamma Mia.

Take the haunting malignity of the (mercifully now forgotten) Nicola McLean on last year's I'm A Celebrity, with her call-centre voice, and her space-hopper boobs, and her thin veneer of perky good-fellowship stretched wafer-thin over bottomless chasms of bitterness, resentment and malice. She was like what would have happened if Hammer had ever made a movie about an Essex hairdresser possessed by the devil.

And nowhere were these dark complexities of character more visible to the sentient viewing public than on 'Katie and Peter : Stateside.'

While I'm far from a fan, Katie Price fascinated me like a particularly large snake in the reptile house. I'm completely astounded by the praise showered on her 'warmth' and 'reality' in some quarters - which makes me wonder whether the brain-dead chav fangirls in question even count as sentient beings as opposed to members of the vegetable kingdom. La Price has the coldest eyes and voice you're likely to see and hear this side of 'Serial Killers - Before They Were Famous' (Incidentally, don't even think about stealing that idea. I'm pitching it to ITV2 next week. I've already got footage of Aileen Wuornos in a staff training video for Wal-Mart, and Dennis Nielsen playing a sheep in his school nativity play. If I can only snap up that tape of Fred West auditioning for Blind Date in 1985, this could be the show that makes my fortune.)

'Katie and Peter - Stateside' made for fascinating, if chilling, viewing. Katie's almost inhuman coldness and joylessness - her granite-hard face lit up solely when someone mentioned money or plastic surgery - was counterbalanced by a husband so spectacularly cheerful, good-natured and dumb, he made the famous labrador Marley look like Vladimir Putin. Peter bumbled about chirpily, losing car keys and wiping kids' faces, weathering his wife's arbitrary and venomous insults with the bewilderment of a randomly kicked puppy - only to be immediately distracted by a bowl of spaghetti or a brightly coloured bouncing object being waved up and down in front of his nose. You got the feeling his brain cells had to jump up and down and wave to one another to attract one another's attention, for all the world like like fans at at a Steve Brookstein concert.

And whenever they were hugging or kissing, the body language and expressions were so palpably one-sided, it reminded me of nothing more than a dramatic moment of betrayal in a soap opera. You know the sort of situation where pretty-but-treacherous Barbie's secretly arranged to have loving-and-unsuspecting husband Ken bumped off by a hitman so she can collect the insurance money?

The sort of situation where Barbie hangs up the phone on the hitman as Ken comes into the room, he asks her who that was, and she says quickly that it was a wrong number?

The sort of situation where Ken then says, 'I love you so much, darling,' and Barbie says 'I love you too' ?

The sort of situation where Ken then hugs Barbie impulsively and passionately, and Barbie stares over Ken's back, and the camera closes in on Barbie's cold, unblinking face right before the closing credits start rolling?

Well, Katie and Peter's onscreen moments of intimacy were just exactly like that.


So it doesn't surprise me that, after four years of this sort of thing, one of Peter's brain cells finally succeeded in attracting the attention of the other three - semaphoring SHE'S MUGGING YOU OFF, MATE across the vast empty stadium inside his head.

Although I would have thought that the split would cost them both something very important in the public eye.

She gave him marketability. He gave her likeability.

I've no idea what the next chapter might be in this particular saga. In fact, in the normal run of things, I would strongly suspect their separation of being a PR stunt ('Jordan - My Divorce Hell EXCLUSIVE' - 'Jordan - I Want Pete Back EXCLUSIVE' - 'Katie and Peter ; The Reconciliation Diaries' - 'Jordan and Pete renew wedding vows in lavish ceremony, exclusive pictures inside' - etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.)

However, I was proved rather embarrassingly wrong on that front re St Jade (who is now up in heaven screaming racist abuse at the pretty angels, bless her.) After several months of sneering that her illness was all a vast PR stunt - how gullible were some people, funny how she suddenly got cancer when her public profile had slumped dramatically, she'd somehow make a last-minute miraculous recovery and write a bestselling memoir about it, surprise surprise - I was rather chastened to hear that she'd just snuffed it.

And am hence apt to shut my mouth on similar issues in the future.

But whatever happens next, I'm sure it'll make great TV...

J x
Posted by juliette

Editorial note from Henry
As I heard the news on Twitter yesterday from @Skynews this was my response

@SkyNews Utter bollocks Katie is doing it to drum up publicity & sell stuff, They'll be making up in two months time for more publicity

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Famous Quotes (8)

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities."
Ayn Rand

Accountability is for the little people…….

Police Reform Conference – Jan 15th 2005

Speech by Hazel Blears – Police Minister.

“Accountability…. is vital for public confidence. And for our desire to increase community engagement. We want to clarify and strengthen the present arrangements. On a very basic level – people pay taxes and want to know that their money is making a difference”

Hat tip to Inspector Gadget, and Anna Raccoon

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The McCann Documentary as seen on Channel 4

This is the McCann authorised documentary, which was shown on Channel 4 on Thursday night, the 7th of May.

Billed as
Madeleine Was Here

How do the McCanns deal with the pain of not knowing what has happened to their daughter? And how do they try to create a normal life for the sake of Madeleine's brother and sister, four-year-old…

You may wish to watch the others here on this blog first and then watch this. So far we have had the documentary from the Portuguese Police chief and we have had Oprah's show with the McCanns.

Make your mind up time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

See No Evil , Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Picture from the Daily Wail
The wriggling monkeys at Westminster are now spending your cash, on a Metropolitan Police investigation of how the expenses were leaked.Link here to the Mail Story

All the Cabinet ministers accused of milking their allowances have denied any wrongdoing, with many instead accusing the Press of a smear campaign.

If this were anyother employer you wouldnt be able to do this. Why do you put up with it? Vote all 620 of them out who have been profligate with your money.

The list above is the Labour MPs Wait until you get the Conservatives and the LibDems expenses published.

Why should you vote for any of them? or their parties?

There is another way

Join LPUK link

Join us 0845 299 7650 Its only a tenner, and you yourself could stand against the sleazy three main parties. You dont have to put up with this. Make a stand against it

We promise to use your money wisely.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MP expenses storm breaks

The Telegraph has had the expenses leaked, with full details of the myriad expenses of the fat cat MPs.

The revelations came after The Daily Telegraph obtained copies of receipts relating to the expenses of current and former Cabinet ministers dating back to 2004.(The Daily Telegraph has seen uncensored copies of the receipts, which lay bare the extent to which MPs play the system to maximise the amount of money they can claim from the taxpayer. )

They also show that Hazel Blears, the embattled Communities Secretary, submitted claims on three different properties in the course of a year, while Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, repaid £1,700 that he overclaimed for council tax soon after it transpired that all MPs expense receipts would be published.

Lord Mandelson billed the taxpayer almost £3,000 for work carried out on his constituency home in Hartlepool less than a week after he announced that he was standing down as an MP. He later sold the terrace house for a profit of £136,000.
from the Times this morning

Also in the Telegraph this morning your best and worst value MP
Pictures here of extraordinary claims

Frankly they are being paid enough what the hell do they need to claim for windows and doors?

It seems even the Ginger Ninja Hazel Blears is ready to trough at expenses too

* Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, claimed for three different properties in a single year. She spent almost £5,000 on furniture in three months after buying the third flat in an upmarket area of London.

* David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, spent hundreds of pounds on gardening at his constituency home — leading his gardener to question whether it was necessary to spend the money on pot plants “given [the] relatively short time you’ll be here”.

* Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, changed his official “second home” designation four times in four years.

* Geoff Hoon, the Transport Secretary, also switched his second home, which allowed him to extensively improve his family home in Derbyshire before buying a London town house also funded by the taxpayer.

* Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary, Caroline Flint, the Minister for Europe, and Paul Murphy, the Welsh Secretary, also bought flats — or the freehold on a property they already owned — and claimed stamp duty and other moving costs. Mr Burnham warned the parliamentary authorities that his wife might divorce him if expenses were not paid promptly.

All this the day after Jacqui Smith has been shown to be milking the system telling one thing to her local council and another to the House of Commons.

We want a General Election now! Not in a years time.

Killing the Sacred Cow

The title has some significance as I am Hindu but no one would stop a cow from being sold to the knackers yard in India if it was lame and gave everyone a bite if you approached it.

One of the greatest problems that a Libertarian has is trying to convey the message that Libertarians would not close all of the hospitals in the country, and the dead, dying and ill would be lying in hedgerows and/or the work house.

Anybody who has been near an NHS hospital in recent years will know that the NHS is not 'the envy of the world'. This myth has grown up over the last sixty years that has been reinforced by this Government, to the point that the NHS is beyond reform. Its hospitals are dirty, prone to MRSA, overstaffed with accountants and administrators. Its the UK encapsulated.

Don't take my word for it visit any French,German or Italian hospital to see the difference.

Yesterday a nurse was facing disciplinary action for calling out details of patients bowel movements across the wards, and failing to attend to the most basic of hygiene standards of washing hands after handling rubbish, before dealing with patients.

Today a body of a missing patient was found after three days in a locked toilet. This begs two questions, three days for a patient to be missing ?? three days and a cleaner had not checked or cleaned the toilet in the hospital ??.

Whilst whistleblowers are stripped of their livelihoods for highlighting the foul conditions that patients are forced to endure, these practices will continue.

The sacred cow is bloated,riddled with disease and should have been sent to the knackers yard years ago. None of the main three parties dare touch the NHS because of its ill deserved iconic status.

The National Insurance scheme that we pay into should revert back to what it was intended to be an insurance scheme. Not another route into the general taxation pot, so that the Government of the day, scared of raising direct income tax, increases NI instead, as it is the line of least resistance as far as the public is concerned because nobody complains as they are deluded into thinking it is all going into hospitals and pensions.

Each hospital should be self administered, and should only receive patients if it can maintain the most stringent of standards, otherwise it should close on Health and Safety grounds alone. Whitehall is about the last place that should be trusted with collecting in Health Insurance.

Cross posted from Guthrum on the Libertarian Party Blog

I am also going to include a comment from Tristan which bears thinking about seriously

The funny thing is, libertarians usually want to get rid of the NHS in order to provide better care for the poor and to prevent the collapse of the NHS which will be disastrous for the poor.

Unfortunately conservatism reigns supreme and people have no imagination and since WWI governments have systematically destroyed the non-state support networks which would otherwise flourish (and strengthen community).

The whole state sector, in effect if not in intent, is a system to enforce serfdom.

Edit: Mail Story on the Watford General Death in the Toilet It was out of order, and it hadnt been locked to prevent people entering it. A) why had it not been fixed? B) why was it still accessible?

Oprah: Madeleine McCann Documentary

Hat tip to Anna Raccoon

In English with portuguese subtitles. Posted for the sake of balance I suggest you watch the first one aswell

Channel 4 will have their version on tonight at 9pm

Make up your own minds, remember body language tends not to lie nor do the pupils of the eyes.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gordon Brown misses the Joke at PMQs

The Senior Whitehall person is himself.....

What does it show? That the Conservatives are poking fun like schoolchildren...

Do you really want them in Power?

Trial By Internet : The people have spoken

From Mark Wadsworth
Entirely innocent - 1%
Victims of unfortunate circumstances - 7%
Negligent but not criminal - 16%
(subtotal 24%)
There's something a bit fishy about all this - 39%
(subtotal 39%)
They aren't telling the full truth - 20%
Guilty as Hell - 13%
(subtotal 33%)
Who are Kate and Gerry McCann? - 5%

On the face of it 71% think that the whole truth has not come out....

Sorry Kate and Gerry you just are going to have to do better.

Midweek light relief

With all the bad news we need cheering up this morning

Enjoy the sunshine I will be. Yes I could blog on loads of topics but I have plants to put in Digging to do and I am not going to be in front of the computer all day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

David Cameron's Downfall

Although this may be funny It is actually quite correct, David Cameron is only pretending to be Eurosceptic. They are no better than Labour, or the LibDems.

All hail blue Labour

The Libertarian Party is the only UK party that will take us out of the EU and save us from slavery Join up now.

Join LPUK link

0845 299 7650- For media, membership, and general enquiries.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.....

Pic by the sadly missed Tractorstats.

Government... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship New Labour Its five-year mission (sadly extended): to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Here is the link to their manifesto Has it materialised? Beam it down Scotty!

Well Gordon you are in cloud cuckoo land and its certainly time for this series to be wound up.

47,947 have now signed Are you still out there having not signed? Please sign the petition

The Petition that everyone is talking about

Today it stands at 45,905 and is a testament to public outcry Its probably the size of a decent constituency but it needs more signatures.

I can not stress how many more are needed We need a plebiscite ( for those of you who dont know what that means it means a mandate or a signature addition in the hundreds of thousands, by the public) Grab your friends, your countrymen and sit them in front of your computer and ask them if they will sign the petition

Its here

Ramp up the pressure on Gordon Brown to go. Do you really want him for another year of this?

Friday, May 1, 2009

The documentary they didnt want you to see re: Madeleine McCann

Raises some rather difficult questions.


Hat tip to Anna Raccoon

I posted the following on her blog as a comment.

I have serious problems with the Tapas Nine.

Having read through the comments and now having watched it all
These are my conclusions.

Before anyone slaps libel on me these are putative allegations and may not have happened but then again they may have. Until the Tapas Nine either have a truthful confession about what actually happened or the bones are found in the continental shelf off Portugal, we’ll never know.

The Tapas Nine are involved intimately with this story. They know the absolute truth. God help them if they get polygraphed.

I have a hunch on why the body was disposed of.

Maddie was probably being abused by one of the Tapas nine, One of the men possibly. Or she was killed by one of them.

She must not have been given enough Calpol, Zopiclone or what ever other sedative there was to hand, Piriton is another, along with another sedative H1 antihistamine.
Either the police chief is right and she died accidentally or she must have struggled behind the sofa, and died there, would explain blood & death. Blood from either vaginal orifice, Semen or other traces from the man involved and therefore DNA. The man involved must be a doctor.
Death by strangulation or by head injury or some other method. In either case marks on the body showing that she had died either accidentally or from violence that could not be explained away and that might present in a post-mortem as force or violence or even toxicology.

There is a final scenario, She could have died from an overdose of medication given by the McCanns.

It basically means that if someone were convicted that would be the end of their career and these guys graduated ( Gerry and Kate) at the same time I did just some miles to the west of where I graduated in 1994, I graduated a year late so they are still a year or so younger than I am unless they had a year out. I have at least 25 years to go before I can retire according to the age laws or so

There is a significant gap of 40 minutes before the police are called.

That is 40 minutes after Kate raises the alarm
It takes less than five minutes to search a small apartment. Why did the phone call not come sooner, There is more fishiness about what happened in those 40 minutes than there is in any other part of the documentary.

My Portuguese cleaning lady could clean an entire kitchen in 40 minutes and I have a large kitchen ( I miss you Elsa come back).
There are also 40 minutes between Jane Tanner and Kate going to the apartment and we only have Kate’s word that she went there, along with the Tapas Nine.

At 10pm the Smiths watch someone being taken down to the beach

I have a hunch that they washed Maddies body in the salt water. So that all traces of blood or semen were removed.

The place was cleaned and Maddies body was placed in the cupboard in her parents room whilst they decided what the hell to do in those 40 minutes in discussion with the Tapas Nine

They put her body into a suitcase or other bag and someone in the Tapas Nine guarded it for 23 days before giving the body back to the McCanns to dispose of in their brand spanking new hire car

This would explain why the dogs found blood in the boot and the boot was always open. A three week old body in a bag in May heat in Portugal will go off and will be unrecognisable after a week and it will smell to high heaven. You’d need DNA tests to check identity by then. My guess is that she was probably wrapped in plastic. They might have even washed her in the sea, wrapped her in clingfilm, and then put her in a large bag and scattered perfume over it, and then stuck it in a wheelie suitcase, belonging to one of the Tapas Nine. It was removed to one of the tapas nine’s flats and then they phoned the police.

Im sure you can conceal a three year old in a suitcase.

As for final disposal, the bones would probably have made it but they probably dumped the bag and the contents at sea one evening after about 23 days. So in a sense her body is still missing. I have a hunch it will not wash up but that her bones lie in the Atlantic.

However there must have been a small amount of leakage actually in the hire car and that is why the dogs reacted.

As for the political angle, Lets face it we know from the Channel Four news on 30th April that Gordon is incapable of recognising his lies, or doesnt want to and that him phoning up and then squashing the investigation and looking good in the process, and even talking about it at Lisbon. Why does it feel like the man protest too much to misquote an often misquoted phrase?. Why was the police chief dismissed? We know also that the press in Britain are not free anymore. Tip: read the Icelandic news on the web and there are stories there that haven't even made the media here.

Furthermore their Fund, the Find madeleine fund has its registered offices at 2-6 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6YH.

Oh dear I remember reading about this address before. I can’t remember where but I know its fishy for some reason.

Can of Worms anyone?

Edit 2:
Another blogger writes here Joana Morais Her blog is a good starting point to inform yourself of other things that the British press have not really told us.

1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.ยบ

From Duarte Levy He also writes about the documentary above I use an extract below.

Very special relevance is equally given to the documentary that Channel 4 will broadcast on the seventh of May, in which the McCanns will once more launch the idea that an abductor took Maddie from the bed where she slept in apartment 5A, that was occupied by the couple during the vacation that they spent in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve. The new “suspect”, who has nevertheless been identified in the investigation files, is allegedly a Mediterranean looking male, someone who looks Portuguese, and he was seen staring at the apartment where Maddie disappeared from.

Gordon Got His Shirt Yesterday

Looks like he signed for it then....

Gordon Brown: Channel 4 news last night

I suggest you hear the video in its entirety Hat tip to Subrosa

It was shown on Channel 4 last night. Full marks to the interviewer ( off camera) but Brown seems to be floundering. One week later the petition calling on him to resign has reached 38178 signatures today at the time of posting.

To misquote "Will no one get rid of this turbulent preacher's son?"