Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trial By Internet : The people have spoken

From Mark Wadsworth
Entirely innocent - 1%
Victims of unfortunate circumstances - 7%
Negligent but not criminal - 16%
(subtotal 24%)
There's something a bit fishy about all this - 39%
(subtotal 39%)
They aren't telling the full truth - 20%
Guilty as Hell - 13%
(subtotal 33%)
Who are Kate and Gerry McCann? - 5%

On the face of it 71% think that the whole truth has not come out....

Sorry Kate and Gerry you just are going to have to do better.


  1. Sorry Kate and Gerry you just are going to have to do better.Not really, they're innocent untill proven guilty, after all.

  2. They're guilty in the Court of Public Opinion and that'll do for me.

  3. There are many things in this affair which don't make sense.

    However, they're not being tried either here or in Portugal so I guess we'll never know exactly what happened.

    I'll put money on it though that poor little Maddy 'sleeps with the fishes' and that the parents know a lot more than they admit.

  4. I have to agree with Cato's assessment. I figure that from 9.10 to 10.40 is when the whole drama unfolded and the tapas nine made their peace with Maddy's "disappearance"

  5. If it were the GMC that were trying them then they would be guilty and the GMC would not fact find nor would it bother to see if there was anymore truthful evidence. The Medical act would just slice the tapas nine off the register.