Friday, May 8, 2009

See No Evil , Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Picture from the Daily Wail
The wriggling monkeys at Westminster are now spending your cash, on a Metropolitan Police investigation of how the expenses were leaked.Link here to the Mail Story

All the Cabinet ministers accused of milking their allowances have denied any wrongdoing, with many instead accusing the Press of a smear campaign.

If this were anyother employer you wouldnt be able to do this. Why do you put up with it? Vote all 620 of them out who have been profligate with your money.

The list above is the Labour MPs Wait until you get the Conservatives and the LibDems expenses published.

Why should you vote for any of them? or their parties?

There is another way

Join LPUK link

Join us 0845 299 7650 Its only a tenner, and you yourself could stand against the sleazy three main parties. You dont have to put up with this. Make a stand against it

We promise to use your money wisely.

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