Sunday, May 10, 2009

Accountability is for the little people…….

Police Reform Conference – Jan 15th 2005

Speech by Hazel Blears – Police Minister.

“Accountability…. is vital for public confidence. And for our desire to increase community engagement. We want to clarify and strengthen the present arrangements. On a very basic level – people pay taxes and want to know that their money is making a difference”

Hat tip to Inspector Gadget, and Anna Raccoon


  1. Actually Hazel - we want to know what our tax money is being spent on and why - every penny of it, so just cut the cr*p and lay it on the line.

    And we redheads are usually pretty honourable Henry, so less of the gingerist prejudice please. One fembot programmed to speak only corpoliticalese sneaks in and suddenly we are all tarred with the same brush!

  2. Oh I love redheads, Hazel however is just a bad apple... ( its more for SEO porpoises)