Friday, May 1, 2009

The documentary they didnt want you to see re: Madeleine McCann

Raises some rather difficult questions.


Hat tip to Anna Raccoon

I posted the following on her blog as a comment.

I have serious problems with the Tapas Nine.

Having read through the comments and now having watched it all
These are my conclusions.

Before anyone slaps libel on me these are putative allegations and may not have happened but then again they may have. Until the Tapas Nine either have a truthful confession about what actually happened or the bones are found in the continental shelf off Portugal, we’ll never know.

The Tapas Nine are involved intimately with this story. They know the absolute truth. God help them if they get polygraphed.

I have a hunch on why the body was disposed of.

Maddie was probably being abused by one of the Tapas nine, One of the men possibly. Or she was killed by one of them.

She must not have been given enough Calpol, Zopiclone or what ever other sedative there was to hand, Piriton is another, along with another sedative H1 antihistamine.
Either the police chief is right and she died accidentally or she must have struggled behind the sofa, and died there, would explain blood & death. Blood from either vaginal orifice, Semen or other traces from the man involved and therefore DNA. The man involved must be a doctor.
Death by strangulation or by head injury or some other method. In either case marks on the body showing that she had died either accidentally or from violence that could not be explained away and that might present in a post-mortem as force or violence or even toxicology.

There is a final scenario, She could have died from an overdose of medication given by the McCanns.

It basically means that if someone were convicted that would be the end of their career and these guys graduated ( Gerry and Kate) at the same time I did just some miles to the west of where I graduated in 1994, I graduated a year late so they are still a year or so younger than I am unless they had a year out. I have at least 25 years to go before I can retire according to the age laws or so

There is a significant gap of 40 minutes before the police are called.

That is 40 minutes after Kate raises the alarm
It takes less than five minutes to search a small apartment. Why did the phone call not come sooner, There is more fishiness about what happened in those 40 minutes than there is in any other part of the documentary.

My Portuguese cleaning lady could clean an entire kitchen in 40 minutes and I have a large kitchen ( I miss you Elsa come back).
There are also 40 minutes between Jane Tanner and Kate going to the apartment and we only have Kate’s word that she went there, along with the Tapas Nine.

At 10pm the Smiths watch someone being taken down to the beach

I have a hunch that they washed Maddies body in the salt water. So that all traces of blood or semen were removed.

The place was cleaned and Maddies body was placed in the cupboard in her parents room whilst they decided what the hell to do in those 40 minutes in discussion with the Tapas Nine

They put her body into a suitcase or other bag and someone in the Tapas Nine guarded it for 23 days before giving the body back to the McCanns to dispose of in their brand spanking new hire car

This would explain why the dogs found blood in the boot and the boot was always open. A three week old body in a bag in May heat in Portugal will go off and will be unrecognisable after a week and it will smell to high heaven. You’d need DNA tests to check identity by then. My guess is that she was probably wrapped in plastic. They might have even washed her in the sea, wrapped her in clingfilm, and then put her in a large bag and scattered perfume over it, and then stuck it in a wheelie suitcase, belonging to one of the Tapas Nine. It was removed to one of the tapas nine’s flats and then they phoned the police.

Im sure you can conceal a three year old in a suitcase.

As for final disposal, the bones would probably have made it but they probably dumped the bag and the contents at sea one evening after about 23 days. So in a sense her body is still missing. I have a hunch it will not wash up but that her bones lie in the Atlantic.

However there must have been a small amount of leakage actually in the hire car and that is why the dogs reacted.

As for the political angle, Lets face it we know from the Channel Four news on 30th April that Gordon is incapable of recognising his lies, or doesnt want to and that him phoning up and then squashing the investigation and looking good in the process, and even talking about it at Lisbon. Why does it feel like the man protest too much to misquote an often misquoted phrase?. Why was the police chief dismissed? We know also that the press in Britain are not free anymore. Tip: read the Icelandic news on the web and there are stories there that haven't even made the media here.

Furthermore their Fund, the Find madeleine fund has its registered offices at 2-6 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6YH.

Oh dear I remember reading about this address before. I can’t remember where but I know its fishy for some reason.

Can of Worms anyone?

Edit 2:
Another blogger writes here Joana Morais Her blog is a good starting point to inform yourself of other things that the British press have not really told us.

1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.ยบ

From Duarte Levy He also writes about the documentary above I use an extract below.

Very special relevance is equally given to the documentary that Channel 4 will broadcast on the seventh of May, in which the McCanns will once more launch the idea that an abductor took Maddie from the bed where she slept in apartment 5A, that was occupied by the couple during the vacation that they spent in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve. The new “suspect”, who has nevertheless been identified in the investigation files, is allegedly a Mediterranean looking male, someone who looks Portuguese, and he was seen staring at the apartment where Maddie disappeared from.


  1. Ta for adding poll. Congrats on getting into top 100 libertarian 'blogs, how did you wangle that?

  2. The McCanns' children were all IVF babies, so presumably nothing that may have happened to Maddie was pre-mediated or intended as they would hardly go to that much trouble and expense to have children only to kill them casually.

    One other thing that puzzles me about the murder scenario is how their marriage would have survived it as very few marriages survive even a child's death that was neither parent's fault. It would certainly be a hell of a thing for them to live with and perhaps at least one of their friends would be cracking by now too if there was a cover up. There is after all virtually more depression and mental health issues associated with being a doctor than any other profession, no matter the cool exterior.

  3. mmm What you say is true, I did wonder, Thing is what of the other people We know nothing about the rest of those Tapas nine, Did the Tanners, or the man who checked the McCanns flat at 9.10 have anything to do with it? The plot thickens but basically those nine people know what happened and are not telling us.

  4. Henry lets not start speculating, were bloggers not detectives. Sometimes it is better to say nothing than say anything, especially about emotive subjects involving young children.

  5. All doctors are detectives, its how we operate. Conan Doyle was a doctor too

  6. Christ, it is a bad business allright. I don't want to believe that someone could harm or allow someone else to harm their own child but at the same-time I can see how people may panic if an accidental death happens while they are swilling back the plonk. The British public tend to react so badly to child abuse stories, (I suspect there is a collective guilt/revulsion from the Moors murders), and the McCanns do seem credible but it is clear there are too many inconsistancies in this case. I would like to hope they are not involved but in the time since Madeline dissapeared, look at the stories we have had; the dreadful woman who tried to pretend her daughter had been abducted, the Austrian monster who raped and imprisoned his own child and the UK version, the Baby P debacle and the similar case in Newham - it is all so depressing.

  7. There is many witness that have surface giving the same description of a man watching te apartment you have to be a very cold hearted person to not show some sympathy to these parents yes they made a mistake by leaving them alone but all parents make mistakes theirs had very tragic consequences.Also the police in portugal made many mistakes like how they released 15MONTHS LATER!!! the e-fit pictures which coulve helped find suspects or close borders and airports while it was still fresh on peoples head the first days are always the most vital ones they never even told the parents or the friends that they even had the pictures after showing these pictures many witnesses called the police if this woulve happend sooner it woulve been more helpful. The police of Portugal are covering for each others negligence like police always do i dont think they did everythin they could for that family they just tried to have the easy way out instead of attracting attention to all their mistakes