Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For the love of God almighty

Its time to go back in time to a certain innocent age, the year is 2005 and the date is May 13th, It is a warm sunny day, and there is not much traffic on the roads,

I have travelled down from Macclesfield where I am working in Dane Ward a low secure unit/ ward attached to the main hospital.

I attend the interview for the North and South Islington crisis team staff grade posts having already ascertained that I am up against 3 others.

I march in to the Highgate unit at around 2 pm and the interview starts without the team manager of the Crisis team in North Islington Ian Griffiths.

The interview has been going for about ten minutes when Ian comes in , in a bright green hawaiian loud shirt and sandals.

Instantly I think mmm why has he attended an interview in these clothes Unfortunately the sun and the fact that I am praying for this job to come in as it is three miles from where I bought a flat in North London in 2001 blinds me to the realisation gained later that this was a bad omen.

The interview proceeds, the man who eventually refer me to the GMC is on the panel a certain Koye Odutoye. As a final gesture they ask me if I have any questions and I ask Ian Is it a happy team, He laughs nervously, If I had had my head screwed on and with the knowledge I have now, I would have now told the interview panel that it should have been a cold day in hell if I was ever going to accept the job.

Unfortunately I was in too much of a good mood, and overlooked it thinking nah hes just joking, oh how wrong I was.

They then asked do you have a preference for North or South I said no preference but the North is nearer I wish I had said the south even though it would have been in Old street and under the congestion charge.

Needless to say I got the job and I stupidly said I would start on June 1st 2005.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wandering in the Health Gulag

I am still wandering in the Health Gulag, and it gets colder this year because I finally have woken up to what I have lost and why it is important for me to now release the hounds and let rip with what has happened in the wake of Scot Jnr.

More to come

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tinsley Towers

Tinsley Towers The penultimate morning 095
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Heres another shot

I took this at the dead of night using the Nightshot capability of my camera, I had to find a decent wall to put the camera on and take the picture from It took me almost ten goes to get this picture but I figure it was worth the sleepless night.

Tinsley Towers

Tinsley Towers The penultimate morning 037
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End of an era, the towers were demolished just 27 hours later....

I grew up with these towers and I wish they could have remained proud and standing tall but with all things change has to happen.

Farewell then to the towers