Friday, April 15, 2011

Re: Anna Raccoon Statement

Regarding Anna, It is my intention to not put forward my side of the story. Nothing would be gained from this, and I do not wish to sink to the level that Anna has. Some of us at least have the dignity to forget such things and move on.

Suffice to say she does not have her facts right, indeed Im surprised that her account is coherent enough.

She may think that by telling her fascinating story that she may garner trust and followers, the thing is that if she has done it to us, who were once her friends, who would be next?

None of you are safe in the presence of such a woman. Let that be a lesson.

I am content to not further this sordid snitch like episode. I personally haven't the time to hold or bear grudges in such fantastically poetically licenced sensationalist postings.

As for the GMC Do you realise that it is currently being litigated against in a total of 150 cases some at the High Court and some at the European court.

Says more than anything.

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  1. She is crying into her beer even as we speak.