Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bullied at work by psychiatric nurse and social worker

Yes Bullying happens in the NHS often by inadequate individuals and by sociopaths who like nothing better than to destroy people.

I was in tears last night as certain things tipped me over and had to make a couple of phone calls to certain friends and other services to just calm me down before bedtime.

Im about to put in a complaint and Im going to have to be very careful and elucidate the exact things and put it in such a way that I can show that they have been terrible towards me.

Luckily Im well versed at reading people and remembering things.

However I cant take the strain for very long, and Ive had to move jobs, been given an oral warning because I exploded under the strain and the bullies are still in their plush cushy places and Ive been shafted.

I took days off work to avoid these people and what do I get, the trust breathing down my neck wanting me to have a formal absence meeting stage 2 ( stage 3 is dismissal) and come August there is going to be so much medical unemployment thanks to pasty hewitt.

Life feels pretty crap.

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