Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Metropolitan Line

or How I learned to sleepwalk and commute at the same time.

I am commuting by tube and bus everyday. I get on the Piccadilly Line, change at Finsbury park and then get off at Kings cross and change for the Metropolitan line.

I then spend a decent amount of time trying to relax on this line, but today I noticed that the little buffers underneath the seats boil, they are like little radiators, And yet they say they are bringing in air conditioned tubes, Did no one realise that having heat sinks like those buffers is not helpful? Sure enough in Winter they are probably needed but not in summer Why havent they been turned off? If you are lucky enough to be able to stretch your legs then the soles of your feet get burnt, If you are not so lucky your knees get burnt.

Its such a waste of energy. What were the fuckwits who designed the train thinking? That no one would get burnt or notice the vast amount of heat emanating from the underneath of the seat? heated seats are all very well in cars but absolutely crap in trains. And then they have the gall to say that oh we can't cool down the tube!

In a new development, I just got one of the logins and passwords that I need but that IT dept cant give me a login and pass word so that I can actually access the system that they just gave me the password for because that is at another IT department.

Joined up thinking I think not...

Still Who am I to complain?

As for waking up this morning, oh I felt like shit when the alarm went off, I had made myself go to bed at 10 to 10 last night so that I wouldnt feel too tired this morning, did it work Did it hell, I felt as if I had been hit by a bus and I had haul my sorry ass out of bed at 6.25 am because I thought I cant stay in bed any later or I might be late for work, and then I get to work at 8.40 and then I find that the boss is not in today so I could have spent another ten minutes in bed.

I have also decided that I have to do my supermarket shop online now, during work because I have no other time to do it.

I had forgotten how bad commuting was for a life! I actually gained a life when I wasnt working, even though I didn't have much money.


  1. There's no way I could handle all that commuting. I thought I had it bad when I used to spend an hour on the bus to get to work.

  2. I used to comute into Holborn from Finsbury Park which was a hell hole the, can't image it has improved much; the thought of then having to use the Metropolitan to go back out to the nether-lands of Ruislip would be beyond awful, I do sympathise Henry.