Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Computer says no

As regular readers of this blog know I have just started a new job, I cant say where but lets say it takes at least 90 minutes on public transport to get to it. I havent wondered about getting there by scooter or car yet as I want to see if I can avoid running the car or the scooter in to the ground.

The scooter needs an MOT and a new tax disc shortly anyway.

I particularly do not want to drive in the morning as I may end up being stressed and homicidal by the end of the day if I have to drive back.

In my new job everything is supposedly paperless, and my boss is part of this change.

That means that without three passwords and three logins you cant get into the computer systems to do any work. How am I typing this? I bought my own netbook so that I could surf what ever I fucking wanted to, on my own connection and my own machine whenever I had time to do so. Sod the fucking work computers that have internet explorer 6 with no java.

So theyve had 10 days notice of me starting here, or a bit more actually almost two weeks, Have IT pulled their finger out and got me the logins? Have they fuck They are going to take another 3-5 days to do so.

Still I dont mind being paid agency rates and being paid to do fuck all, or surf on my own little netbook in a nice breezy office that stays cooler than the rest of the building.

I shouldnt even be complaining, but Im tired and grumpy from having to get up at dawn and having no energy.

Im just thanking myself for splurging about a days pay on a netbook so that I can surf anywhere , it being easier to carry ( 1kg) than my current laptop which is bloody heavy.

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