Sunday, July 19, 2009

The MP Holiday Song…..Summer Recess of 2009

The MP Holiday Song…..Summer Recess of 2009

Phew, thank goodness for our holiday, Parliament’s in recess,
No more lies, no PMQ’s, no war, and no press.
Everyone can suffer, lose their jobs and cry,
The soldiers in Afghanistan can just carry on and die.

Parliament’s in recess, we are free to do as we please,
No more questions, no more shame, no-one to appease.
I’m an MP singing, and dancing for the summer,
Champagne all round, BBQs, oh, lets hire a hummer!

Parliament’s in recess, oh the joy and the happiness,
Leave it as it is, who cares about the mess?
The people are ungrateful, they’ll appreciate us soon,
We’ll make them suffer more, they’ll be singing to our tune.

I think I’ll go to Seychelles, and Italy and France,
I think I’ll take some lessons, maybe even learn to dance.
Goodbye you miserable voters, wallow in self pity
Survive on your own, do what you want, make your own committee.

We’re back in October, maybe then you’ll be more grateful,
Stop your whining and your ranting, stop being so hateful.
We know whats best, we are the kings, just do what we tell you
How many times we told you voters, you haven’t got a clue?

Sing to We're all going on a Summer Holiday (Cliff Richard)

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  1. Oh no Henry, good song but what about all the background constituencey work done by our MPs while in recess, just like the teachers who slave away during their so-called lengthy summer break doing all that preparation ?

    All that slogging away on thankless Select Committees that drag them away from their loved ones to such remote hell holes as Las Vegas, Bali and Monte Carlo ?