Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Luck Thomas

The votes are being counted but this guy is a success whatever happens.

Go Thomas Burridge

Norwich North MP of the Future

Chloe may be the baby of the house for 8 months but you can be the next one. Her career will be short lived.

She doesn't even live in Norwich, or Norfolk. She lives in North London!!!


  1. What a waste of great values, Henry. You are natural, real Conservatives, if you did but know it. You are part of Labour's hugely successful propaganda at smearing The Conservatives. Just check out who does the most charitable work in the Land, of all the main parties.

  2. ok but Cameron is hardly likely to make me an MP overnight and parachute me in to a safe seat is he?

    I dont have time for the party machinery and the arselicking and having to prove that I'm upto the job.

    If I can make it as a psychiatrist who hasnt had a suicide on his watch for 12 years, has had a clean driving licence since he got his licence 21 years ago and can even take decent portrait shots see above, then I have the qualities of a Conservative MP but if I joined the party it would take me 10 bloody years to get a seat I dont want to spend that time, being someones assistant I want to be voted for at the next general election which is why I am standing. Richard Merrin watch out I want to get more votes than you.