Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interest Rate cut to 1.5% Lowest ever since 1694

She looks really happy doesnt she...... Not

The Bank of England in its own admission has lowered interest rates to 1.5 % the lowest since the Bank was formed by wealthy landowners back in 1694.

The Bank of England was once a private institution ( probably still is; Who actually knows who owns this bank?) unless it also was nationalised in 1947 along with all the other companies in that year.

How they think lower interest rates will boost the economy in the face of all that is going on and billionaires killing themselves, in Germany, ( just an aside) is beyond me

Plus the fact that Brown wants to print more money as I posted yesterday. We are going to be in a situation where we are going to be in a Zimbabwe, or a Germany between the wars very soon

What does the Bank think its doing? Or is this a government sponsored effort to importune all our money and kill off sterling and make way for paperless currency so that we can all be chipped and IDed and made in to serfs for the state and that we proletarians will become indentured servants to the Patrician people who have power at their disposal?

I read about this on conspiracy websites, almost 6 years ago and thought oh dear will it come to pass

Unfortunately they were telling the truth, or a verisimilitude of it

The fuckwits that run this country supposedly Brown and the Labour party are puppets of the bankers . Wankers all of them, Cunts !


  1. As you do rightly point out Henry, CUNTS!

  2. What is the point/value of printing more money when it is not backed up by anything? Pointless/valueless!