Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The GMC Stalking

Twenty two hours and forty three minutes they were logged on to my blog

For what purpose? Not patient safety that's for damn sure.

Anyone who spends that amount of time logged on to one blog is either reading it from the beginning or stalking me and I would prefer the second option.

It seems they may have even printed it all out. We know from a FOI request that the GMC spends £49000 on stationery per annum

Pic from tractorstats (thanks)

Edit: They have hidden behind a different IP address this morning 195:110:70:#

Thing is the latitude and longitude are the same Some people cant understand that.


  1. Do you suppose this means the GMC are taking any notice of what you are saying?

  2. You should install statcounter, you can then see which pages people are looking at!

  3. That is good it means you will be able to see which posts interest them the most!