Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in the NHSSR

It was my fortune to be at a job interview today for an NHS job a substantive post and it made me remember why I am not enamoured of substantive posts.

I was told in my letter to report to XXXX when I got to the place of interview (I am anonymizing this as I don't want the werewolves to know where I have been until I deign to tell them as they seem insistent upon blog monitoring.)

I met XXXX a most corpulent example of a person. I had to bring all my documents, and I had neglected to bring a couple, for the trust involved to photocopy.

I sat in the office waiting for my interview, the bright light reminding me that this was what I had left behind.

I got asked standard questions, but I think I was one of only two candidates for the post who were short-listed, there may have been another one but he/she wasn't waiting around when I left so I am puzzled.

I mean don't get me wrong but the only reason I have to apply for NHS substantive jobs is because the Werewolves have decided that this is my punishment. Frankly I would have been better off suspended at this rate with the quality and availability of substantive jobs being so low, even though I would get a decent rate of pay. Its the lack of ability to get out fast if there's heat or trouble that really irks me

I mean there is a nice outpatient type job available but its consultant is a psychopath incarnate so I'm not going to apply for that job. I have enough problems without taking on another sociopathic control freak of a consultant. Its possibly why that post is vacant and a few others in that trust.

I have already decided that the post I interviewed for today is my second choice I have another interview for another post at XXXX to go to and no I'm not going to put when it is. The werewolves will have to figure that one out for themselves.

I came back and read the blogs, It seems there's a lot of EU crap law hitting fans out there aswell as more skullduggery from unelected members of the cabinet who feel that certain people were entrapped. How would she know? One smells a rat.

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