Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Round up from the last two days

It seems the government is taking us all to task, and drowning us in information and cutting off the air supply in order to suffocate us in the bid to slip the important way of life changing "directives" past our noses so that we can't react to them.

We have Raedwald warning us about the new EU totalitarian state, along with many other blogs namely DK spreading the news

We have the Coroners and Justice Bill with clause 152 being a big thorn in Data Protection

We have today's Pravda (BBC) announcement of taking away passports for not keeping up your child maintenance They state that this has worked in Australia (a neo fascist state and a test bed for the world)

The government says the new plan will be tested in certain areas of the country.
Similar schemes in the US and Australia have been successful in increasing payments.

Other powers open to the CMEC include taking money from a bank account without going through the courts; applying for a curfew, or recovering money from a dead person's estate.
Opponents are worried that civil liberties may be undermined if bureaucrats have the power to take away passports and driving licences.
The Liberal Democrats have also criticised the plans.

and they are going to pursue you beyond the grave.

The NHS wont serve you meat in hospital anymore ( best source of protein) because they are more concerned about global warming as Old Holborn writes, personally I think its more to do with cost cutting . Cheapskates!

I think that's enough for one post There'll be more later. The fact that there is more is worrying.

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