Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wars are fought over natural resources

It seems that there is a big gas field off the coast of Gaza Thanks to the Times of India and a blogger profile Friend of Carlotta. Israel is interested in this gas. Nuff said perhaps.

The Iraq war was over oil ( why do you think there is a great big massive US embassy in Baghdad?)

Before I get flamed and roughed up this information is out there. Yes there have been rocket attacks from Gaza to the Negev where there are people who have been killed and that is no less terrible than the people who have been killed in Gaza.

Wars always hurt innocents, they are the losers. There are costs to war ,both in the amount of resources wasted , people killed and maimed for life, the post traumatics stress disorders, and the general awfulness of them all.

The EU is going after North Sea Gas from the Lisbon treaty that was a bloodless war, Gordon Brown lay down and played dead for the EU and says this isnt the constitution for a referendum. The one eyed cunt has committed treason, and knows it but is immune as he is Prime Minister.

I see my country the one I was born in becoming a nightmare and I am upset. Even more now than I did two years ago.


  1. True Thing is there is always more than actually meets the eye

  2. It still amazes me that people in the US actually believe that the war in Iraq is a war against terrorism, despite the fact that NONE of the 9/11 terrorists were actually from Iraq. If we were to invade a country based on 9/11 we should have invaded Saudi Arabia. But, oh wait, aren't Bush and Saudi Arabia buddies? No, surely not!! (check this link: ) Hmmmm... Now, about that elephant in the living room...

  3. At the margin, and maybe in the deranged minds of people who start wars, perhaps yes, but I don't think it's that important.

    Iraq is quite happy to sell us its oil, we don;t need to fight for it. Plus they are so useless it would be US or UK or multinational companies actually extracting the stuff.

    What about Afghanistan (the Russians tried, the US/UK tried), Vietnam, Korea? Bugger all to do with raw materials.

    We were told that the Falklands were important because maybe there's oil at the South Pole and we need it as a staging post, but that oil has yet to materialise. Methinks that was about two unpopular right wing leaders (one a dictator, the other elected) trying to appear 'strong'.