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Baroness Amos GMC study and corruption

Last night because I had not much to do and because I was feeling in a research type of mood I decided to see how many foreign names were being scuttled by the GMC in their Interim Orders, I even came across when Adam Osbourne was suspended 8th September. I was going through the archives of the GMC.

To my horror virtually every name mentioned apart from a few GPs and a few white names the rest were almost all Subcontinental, or European. There were a few cases in which it was quite clear that female contact was a problem and this was mainly a white issue, however there were loads of subcontinental names where the GMC are intent on seeing where they work and keeping a close eye. Most of these are not international graduates the vast majority graduated here in Britain. BBC article here and another one here

The GMC say that they are on top of this as their text from GMC today sept -oct 2008 below shows but the person who they are involved with is a labour life peer who is mired in corruption. One does wonder how far the rot travels and it seems it is right up there at the top

As part of this initiative, and building on the success of a roundtable meeting last year, the GMC has established an independently chaired forum. The Equality and Diversity Research Forum met for the first time on 10 September 2008 and was chaired by Baroness Amos.

The Forum heard from researchers who are leading work into a wide range of topics including:

* why international medical graduates are over-represented throughout all stages of the GMC’s fitness to practise procedures
* the experiences of UK, EU and non- EU medical graduates making the transition to the UK workplace
* how non-UK qualified doctors and doctors from a variety of cultural backgrounds understand the ethics of medical practice in the UK
* comparing systems of medical regulation between the UK and other countries.

Baroness Amos said: ‘I’m delighted to chair this Forum, and support the GMC’s efforts to better understand the experiences and circumstances of doctors who’ve qualified from outside the UK or are from a minority ethnic background.

I hope that working with other organisations in this way will lay the foundations on which to build our understanding of how equality and diversity issues impact on healthcare regulation.’

The Forum is planning to meet again in six months. Keep a look out for further news in future editions of GMCtoday.

The next bit of text is lifted straight from another website and is quoted below

Third World style nepotism and corruption has reached into the heart of Britain’s ruling elite. The latest shocking example has come with the news that Guyana-born Baroness Valerie Ann Amos has landed a job with a Nigerian company which is funded by the government department she used to head up.

Baroness Amos was created a “life peer” in August 1997, and as such already draws a permanent salary as part of the unelected House of Lords. She served in the cabinet as International Development Secretary.

She has now taken up a lucrative job with Travant Capital Partners which was given a £15 million handout — from her own department.

Travant Capital Partners is a Nigerian private equity firm to plough British taxpayers’ money into Africa and Asia under the guise of “foreign aid.”

She lists the directorship as ‘remunerated’ in the Register of Lords Interests, but there is no indication of how much she is paid.

Writing in his book The Catholic Orangemen of Togo, Britain’s former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, claims to have been told by a director of Travant that the company “had access to DFID funds because Baroness Amos was a Director.”

It is a significant feature of Baroness Amos' political career that every office held has been an unelected appointment; she has never actually been elected to any public office. ( from Wikipedia)

Frankly it seems like this lady like the other baroness in the labour party has no grip on the reality of her actions and is frankly not someone I would want anywhere near me.

There have been other articles written link here

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