Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More on the House of Lords

Baroness Royall, What a name Her wikipedia entry makes a big deal that she is an unelected member of Cabinet.

The entry is:
It is a significant feature of her political career that every office held has been an unelected appointment; she has never actually been elected to any public office.

Yet she has the gall to say that the lords under fire for corruption were entrapped

Alice over at the Bubble has this to say

Lord Taylor: "Yes, but these are the sort of fees I get. I am being absolutely honest with you. I am not exaggerating. It's whether I want to do it or not. You've got to whet my appetite, to get me to come on board."

Doesn't sound like entrapment to me but then what would the chinless wonder know about that anyway

Chinless Lady Royall, onetime close friend of Lord Kinnock, has somehow made it to Leader of the House. Her eyes were open but there was no obvious sign of intelligent life.

Frankly I wish these unelected members of Cabinet to be thrown out. I didn't vote for them nor did anyone else. Bloody parasitic nomenklatura.

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