Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Standing as an Independent Candidate

Standing as an independent candidate is a hard job. Let no one tell you otherwise. 
 I am seeking office not to extract more of your hard earned money, or to control more of your lives, but because I believe liberty is the key ingredient to greater prosperity and happiness.
I have seen liberties stripped away over the last two decades and I want to reverse that in Hornsey and Wood Green.
  I decided to stand in Hornsey and Wood Green because I have lived here for the last nine years and have seen council tax going up and up and no real benefit from it going further up.
There are many cultures that live , work and make Wood Green and Hornsey the vibrant place that I live in.

The main three parties are drawn from one sector of Hornsey, and whilst that is fine, it leaves the ordinary person, somewhat removed from government.  After all you the elector vote the person in you feel that will do the most for you and who will work for you.  The main parties however have their rules and their party whip.  This makes your representation fail because toeing the party line, especially in the Labour or the Conservative party is the norm.  In  the Liberal Democrats it is slightly laxer but it is still there.
An independent candidate  reflecting the mix of cultures that are in the borough is more responsible to the electors who vote him/her in.  All electors in the borough have exactly the same rights and responsibilities and the same right to contact me if elected to ask me to get things done.
You must vote, its your right as a member of the electorate. Not using your vote is like leaving your oven on day and night.  It gets wasted that way.

You make the choice. I've done this primarily because I feel you should be the change you want to see in the world. So I've taken a step to making things better

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