Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Manifesto

My manifesto as an independent should really be given to me by the people… I’m not here to dictate policy to them, it is the other way around.
I have my personal views but they don’t form my manifesto.
What the people want in my constituency is what they will get from me as long as the majority of people agree on the issues.
I have views on all issues but Im prepared to debate on my blog and in person what those issues are and how the people of Hornsey and Wood Green want to move on those.
Thats a manifesto and a half It promises much more than the fair manifestos of the LibLabConGreen parties

I'll even turn on the anonymous comments again for the shy ones out there

There is one thing I am promising though.  A choice in how the people of not just Hornsey and Wood Green but of the whole of the UK spend their money and have direction over that money which isn't the case at the current time.
I will have to respect the wishes of the constituents at all times.

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