Friday, April 16, 2010


He may have won the debate but he isn't speaking the truth for one moment.

Remember he's technically unemployed at the moment.   Since parliament was dissolved on April 6th none of the MP's have jobs

You and you alone by the power of a black cross in a box, have the power to make them unemployed permanently from the House of Commons.

Now thats what I call POWER!  2010!

 Remember one thing and one thing alone. These people are desperate to get back in and will say anything for you to vote for them.

ANYTHING.  Unless you get it in writing and witnessed as a contract don't take it on face value.

You wouldn't trust a used car salesman until you got  the AA to check out the car so why do you take what these people say to you on television the medium of lies and propaganda as the gospel truth.

WHY?  Is it because you can't be bothered to care about the country you live in.  Sorry about the guilt trip but your destiny is firmly in your writing hand when you make that cross or when you say I'm weak and I would like anyone to come and do it for me by not voting at all.

Not voting will let in the BNP or will return another Labour government back for another five years of Gordon Brown.

The words  Worst Nightmare on Earth come to mind.

Yet you the British registered electors have the power to stop that and you don't use it.

Voter turn out in Hornsey and Wood Green on average is 61.8% at the last election.

what happened to the other 39 percent of you?  Too busy, forgetting that it is your writing hand which determines who gets in and who doesn't and you each have a say. You may think it doesn't matter?

Is that the case?

If the people who don't vote actually voted..... not only would things change ...  They would change with the clear message that if you want my vote you have to work for it.

Or I won't give it to you. Or I wont abstain or not vote, I will vote and I will influence the outcome.

Reaffirm your status as a ruling 60 millionth part of the British Isles.



Vote and make a real difference  You don't have to vote for me but I would like at least 5% of the vote just for being able to retain the hard earned £500 quid I put up to expose the rotten core of liars there are in the House of Commons

My friend Rita Pal another screwed over doctor by the GMC  writes this about Nick Cleggover

Rita Pal's webpage about Nick Clegg

Remember that MPs are elected to enact the people’s will – not the other way round!

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