Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Labour's campaign meeting

From Lord Toby Harris

There's something you need to look at in this quote. Remember your MP should report to you not the other way around. I'll highlight the word and hope you get the message

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Karen was quietly "authoritative" and demonstrating why selecting this former nurse who expects to become a grandmother this week was exactly the right choice to win the seat back from LibDem, Lynne Featherstone.   (Interestingly, Lynne Featherstone has not dug in locally – in the way that other freshly elected LibDem MPs have tended to do elsewhere in the country – she seems to have been so captivated by the chance to strut the national stage that she has rather neglected her local constituents.)

Authoritative?  Authoritarian  Lets see the definition from a dictionary shall we.

1 a : having or proceeding from authority : official  b : showing evident authority : definitive 
2 : 
dictatorial 2

Now tell me  Do the residents of Hornsey and Wood Green want to be under a dictatorial MP?

I think not somehow?

We all know what a dictator is.  A tyrant. a person who wants his/her word only.  I would think that that was the last thing that Hornsey and Wood Green needed.

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