Friday, April 16, 2010

Show me the Money!

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Ten £50 notes

This is the money I spent on getting my name on the election ballot paper.
It is my emergency slush fund for breakages/ if the car explodes  I have spent it on you the people of Hornsey and Wood Green

Please don't let me lose it.

I worked hard for this money. Its been taxed and its been saved and its come out so that I can expose the lies that all three major parties and the government tell you because I'm sick and tired of finding the truth and thinking my government doesn't respect me.
Yet at this current point in time I and 60 million other people in Britain hold the balance of power in a small cross next to someones name in 650 constituencies up and down the land.

You have power. You elect your representatives to have your interests at heart  not their own.

Please donate to the campaign. One or two pounds to cover the cost of the leaflets.  I am funding this from my hard earned savings. I worked hard for this money and I want to retain my deposit.  Im prepared to put my own money where my mouth is.  I'm spending £1300 on leaflets one sheet of A4 in black and white which will be sent out to the 78000 people registered to vote since October 15th 2009 in Hornsey and Wood Green.

Being your MP is just like being your doctor. You want me to listen and do the best for you, and that is exactly what I am here to do.  You will not get this assurance from the political parties or their self serving representatives.

I promise you that much.

Dr Rohen Kapur

Please donate  even 50 pence is 50 pence less I will have to spend

If everyone gave just 50p in the electorate I would have 34000 pounds to use as election funding

If I didn't spend it all I would give it back proportionately  Its your hard earned money too  I have no right over it. But you can give someone 50p surely?

20 p from everyone would be enough.

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