Thursday, April 15, 2010

And the truth shall set you free

This is  my election message

I am not asking for your vote. I am here to give you a real choice.

Let me make that very clear from the outset. The thought of being an MP scares the bejesus out of me but I am prepared to see the truth delivered on the television and radio and internet rather than the state sponsored lies, sponsored with your hard earned money. For that I am prepared to stand up and say I will help to bring that change about

I am here simply to give you the reality of voting Merrin(Blue) Featherstone(Yellow)  Jennings (Red) , will bring you and do to your self interest in what goes on in the corridors of power.They may be different colours but they are all the same, held under the sway of the EU yoke with the possible exception of UKIP

There are four people standing in the election in Hornsey and Wood Green so far
Lynne Featherstone with a majority of only 2395 votes. I have to say that Lynne as my MP has worked hard but I've never seen her knocking my door .  I'm sorry Lynne  you have to reconnect with the public who vote you in  ( I voted for her 5 years ago)

Labour are next with Jennings a new candidate this year  ( but do you really want another Labour government   Hasn't 13 years been long enough?) Well?

I saw Vote Labour boards across the south end of Alexandra Palace today  I was gobsmacked.

Then comes Merrin for the Conservatives , Hes a big businessman  Hes not interested in the little people. I asked him to doorstep me because before I decided to stand I said that the first candidate to come to my door would get my vote.  The only candidate who comes to my door at the moment is me.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

That is what will happen if you vote for Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, Green and Purple and Yellow

They are not interested in giving you anything They are serving their self interests. Its every man/woman for himself

I am not here wanting to be an MP for the status, the money or the ability to sit in the House of Commons  Im here because I want the truth, and I believe the service of others is the best thing on the planet.

You vote for me you vote for the truth  You don't have to vote for me but I am here to give you the truth so much so that I will in my election leaflet ( which this speech may be on) give you my home landline number for you to ring me at any point during the day or night It doesnt bother me.

I can speak for the truth at any time of the night or day  Its no problem for me.

I am here to give you a choice to vote for the truth  whether you want that or not, is entirely up to you  . Ive seen the future and the future is Liberal and the future truth is Dr Rohen Kapur

Vote for me if you really want to know where and how your money is being spent because Im like you I want to know too and we all have busy lives and I want to help everyone in the area I live in get the unbridled truth about where their money goes from the taxes, national insurance, council tax, VAT, Fuel duty, car tax, income tax, inheritance tax,alcohol duty, tobacco duty, import duty, export duty, airport surcharges,  and other assorted levies on us.

I want to know too but I cant find out if you vote the same way or not vote the same way that you've always done.


Vote for me if you want to know

You have a choice, whether you use it and mark a X next to candidate or not is your choice and yours alone.

I'm not here to ask you to vote.

But I am here to say that you do have a choice.

If you don't use that choice, then you have no right to complain about how your vote was wasted and about what you get, because you were lazy enough not to bother. You didn't want to choose for the next five years, you were happy enough to let other people choose for you. Your destiny is yours and whether you give that to someone else or you keep it is your choice.

So my question to you is clear

Do you want the unbridled truth as hurtful as that maybe or do you want to forget for another five years? and keep things exactly as they are now and maybe even worse?


Please choose wisely!

 On May 6th 2010 you have a choice of two options in reality

The Truth however bitter that maybe

The same old lies the same old parties and the same old sytem and the same old shafting  that you currently get.

Do you want to live with the information or do you want to press the forget button

Your choice..  No one elses...  No one else carries that particular responsibility.

Please choose wisely

On May 6th choose what you would really want to know.

Two options

Truth  with me

Lies with them

You have the choice

It doesn't bother me that I've spent £500 from my own pocket to find out no one can be bothered in the borough I live in.

That is money I have earned and I'm using it to to access that information to get at the truth of how many people actually want the truth.  Thats money well spent in my opinion and its my choice

If I find that there are very few people here who want the truth I'm going to move because its not in my best interests to stay where people want to be fed lies.

I don't want that and I'm voting for me, to reaffirm my quest for the truth. I spend the money, I make my bed and I lie down in it.

I've paid heavily for speaking the truth but I'm free of any chains.  No one can capture me because as they always say the truth shall set you free.

I'm happy and content knowing the truth; Im asking if you want to know it too. I'm not going to beg, you are all going to have my home address and telephone number so you can all dial my number if you want to ask me anything about the truth that I want to find out. I would encourage you to dial it.

The people who do vote for me whoever they are and God bless them ; they are people who want the truth and I will know how many people in the borough want the truth.

I've put up £500 pounds from my own pocket : I have spent money from my hard earned savings. What's more is that I'm prepared to spend it and knock on everybodys' door and ask them if they would like to choose between the truth or between being deceived for another five years because they want to press the forget button because the truth would make their frustration palpable and real. You don't have to live with the truth.  You have to have the choice though because this is a voting democracy . Women were only given the vote in 1930 and many women don't bother voting either. Emmeline Pankhurst died for nothing.

Do you want to be deceived for another five years because you didn't choose or would you like to make a choice and get some proper answers that you can phone your representative at any point if Im in( if Im not leave a message and I will try and ring you back.)

That is what I am prepared to do. I am prepared to help each and everyone of us get the truth because thats what I would like to get .You may want it you may not but  whether you do or not; you have to make that choice on May 6th in Hornsey and Wood Green 2010.

I'm not going to be in the booth with you peering over your shoulder and saying: "oh please vote for us we'll lower taxes etc"

No I'm not doing that. Emphatically No

I can show you how much money this government fritters on other people

15th April  2010 was a particular day when we spent £500million pounds on bailing out Greece.

You heard about the volcanic ash cloud,  the truth was obscured from view.

£546 million is how much the government gets in income tax every year

We could have had NO income tax for  One whole year or we could bail out the Greek economy. Did you get to hear that   NO YOU DIDN'T

Like I say its your choice its not mine and I'm not going to make you vote ;that too is your choice:

Please choose wisely for your own sake.

In Britain the government sends all our spare money to the European Union. We bankroll one quarter of Europes running costs , yet look at the services in our country.  There are none. and you know it.

We were an crude oil exporter,  Other oil rich countries are safe from the recession and have plenty of money. Norway for example.

Where has it gone?  Why are our services in meltdown? You want to know the truth  I certainly do  but I can only find it out if you help me by voting for me but you dont have to....  That's your choice and I'm no one to say how you should vote.

Car tax brings in 55 billion pounds every year yet the government only puts 5 billion back on the roads.

Where does that other 50 billion pounds go?  Thats to put it in context more money than income tax raises.

 and about 50000 times more money than we spent on Greece on 15th April

And yet all the roads have potholes. Hello. Reality check what the devil is going on?

Thats not value for money is it? Where does it go?

If you want to make a choice between knowing and not knowing you know exactly what to do. You are too scared to put a cross where you think you ought to you blindly ffollow the televisoon and the lies other people tell you. You only have yourself to blame.

You vote for me on May 6th because I will tell you no matter what. The day I stop telling you the truth is the day I will step down and trigger a by election.

I don't want to be an MP forever and ever; I just want to get the truth delivered in the mail, the newspapers, the television, the radio Once I've done that Im going to go back to being an ordinary person on the street.  I don't want the money, I don't need the money.  What for?  Buying things I don't need?  Hello? I have everything I need and want  I am comfortable and content with my life such as it is I accept it for what it is knowing that I am very privileged to have had a good education, a university degree funded entirely by my parents, and a job which up until 3 years ago gave me all the money I needed , But I was not happy at that point I couldn't see that I was so richly rewarded.

Now I have very little money in cash or savings  I've spent one eighth of my savings to spend on the deposit because money won't bring you happiness, My health is paramount I look after myself and I don't listen to the Television because its full of rubbish; there are the odd shows like Doctor WHO which I enjoy

As the famous song goes  Strength doesn't lie in numbers or wealth,  it  is peaceful slumbers every night that give you the strength to do anything.

I go to bed feeling relaxed and not worrying about tomorrow  . Do you want that too?

There's enough money to abolish income tax forever, along with inheritance taxes. Will the other parties tell you that  No; because if you were to get your gross income you would have the ability to do anything you wanted to do. You would not be able to be controlled and  herded into doing what they want you to do.

There are cures for cancer which the government will not let you have.  I know this courtesy of the european patent office,  I have the printout. Anyone who wants a copy can pay me the cost of getting it photocopied and have that information from me gladly. I will give it to them because it is the truth. 

Still want to be lied to? Your Choice

Who do you know who died of cancer? Your wife, your mother, your father, or your son, or another relative or friend?

Their death need not have happened.

Thats one shocking truth of Britain today.

So the price of a few sheets of paper   £2.00 maybe, you can have the cures for cancer that are over 2000 years old.

Cheap if I do say so myself and perfectly able for you to grow and make yourself from ordinary ingredients.

So your choice is clear

The Truth which I will find for you and report back to you on

Or the same old lies and rubbish from the rich bloated political parties, who are not interested in you except every five years when they need YOUR mandate to carry on.

Oh this a One time offer by the way.

Its only valid on May 6th this year 2010 AD
I'm never doing it again. I never want to have to post 78000 leaflets again through front doors

If I realise that no one here wants the truth I'm leaving . I don't want to stay here any longer. Its not worth my while to be lied to.
I'll live abroad in my grandfathers house and live a happy life growing my own food and enjoying the sunshine and living a peaceful life far from the madding crowd purely because I will be happy that way. No one can bother me or put me in chains for doing that.

I won't need anyone else. I will grow old peacefully unfettered by the lies of this world.

I shall retire and leave.

The truth is out there. Use your choice wisely, you may not get it again.

Thats all folks!


  1. aren't your figures for income tax out by a ouple of zero's? The UK gov takes closer to £50bn in income tax each year.