Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Please Vote

 50 -54 seconds in and 1.35 minutes in is our current incumbent, but remember she is technically unemployed when parliament is dissolved.

Even I can mime to the words,

Seriously though  Use your Vote  Don't waste your power, you vote for your representation at Parliament. If you don't vote you risk having a different result.  I would urge everyone registered to vote to vote for the candidate they best think can help them make a difference to the way Hornsey and Wood Green is run.

If everyone who didnt vote at the last election voted there would be a different political landscape

30420 of you didn't bother to vote last time in Hornsey and Wood Green  Thats enough to put someone in Parliament or keep someone out.

Use it wisely.

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  1. Never voted in a U.K election as a vote must be earned.