Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why I joined the Libertarian Party (1)

There are stakes on which I am part of the Libertarian party

I don't like paying the state several times over for the money I earn that I have worked hard for and sweated blood tears and energy for

I have a big aversion to income tax
I have an aversion to stealth taxes as I find it makes life difficult

Health has become over run with political policies, guidelines and dogma which is not the purpose of health care The purpose of health care is to keep those people who are ill safe and from harm and to cure rehabilitate and make them better
so that they may once again be able to produce for themselves

I have a big aversion to bureaucracy only the bare minimum should be there.

For example when I got my driving licence it was printed on paper and I didnt have to give my telephone number

I still have that paper licence It is one reason the police can not phone me or email me and tell me off They don't have the information because at that point it wasnt taken down.

The purpose of speed cameras is to make sure you have to renew your licence and give your details if caught. Policemen can not now endorse with handwriting your licences anymore. The money is neither here nor there.
It is about the database and punishment.

Managers now outnumber beds in the NHS

It should be the other way around

There is no proper provision for anything because all the money in reality is for database production to have everyone labelled and tagged for future reference.


  1. You'd be better off a Tory, Henry!

  2. But there are those in the Tory party who are rabid libertarians but seen as wet and never get their agenda sorted out

  3. ALL true....but what do we do about it??

  4. Very difficult to argue against your reasons, but the Libs have to be more proactive; one gets the impression they just want legalise everything, which is fine if you are sensible, not fine if you are part of the population that needs "danger cliff" signs in order not to fall over them.

    (Although on reflection, perhaps we don't really need those people)