Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quantitative Easing: Printing Money

Well its now happening and for all of you out there Good bye Great Britain Hello Zimbabwe.

Honestly what is the Bank of England trying to do to us?

Massive hyperinflation coming Its so that they can get us to riot when the price of a loaf of bread gets to £100 and implement the Civil Contingencies Bill

I advise you to go read it on the web where it is freely available and see that it can be implemented at the drop of a hat. That plus the Lisbon treaty bringing back the death penalty. It wont be long before they shoot you dead for breaking curfew and that will be on the streets of Britain.

The video explains Printing money for the casual observer. Not very well but well enough

The value of the pound in your pocket already only buys what a penny did in 1901

Now it won't even be worth a farthing by next month

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