Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Coroners and Justice Bill

Or why the Conservatives are not fit to rule the country either if Labour are defeated at the polls in the General Election

Thanks to Lynne Featherstone my MP and my soon to be rival at the polls, I have gleaned the following information about the Coroners and Justice Bill. She wrote to me and thanked me for bringing it to her attention.

The majority of MPs voted against the motion to condemn the Coroners and Justice Bill.

The motion, which was rejected, said:[1]

* This House declines to give a Second Reading to the Coroners and Justice Bill
* because it provides for inquests in private and without a jury, at the behest of the Secretary of State and on grounds that are overbroad;[2]
* because it unduly restricts what coroners and inquest juries may say about a death; because it proposes reforms to the law of murder that are ill-thought through and incomplete;
* because it fails to deal with legitimate criticisms of the legislation on anonymous witnesses, and in particular because it fails to make adequate provision for the use of special counsel;
* because the system of sentencing guidelines it proposes fails to incorporate adequately the aim of reducing re-offending;
* because it will allow unlimited data sharing to occur between any organisations or persons for the purposes of supporting unspecified government policies, regardless of the safeguards contained in other legislation; and
* because, to the extent that other measures proposed in the Bill are welcome and not merely symbolic, those measures should have been brought forward in separate Bills to allow them to be scrutinised more carefully.

No Conservative MP voted on this motion.
PartyMajority (No)Minority (Aye)BothTurnout
Con0 000.0%
Ind2 2066.7%
Lab276 (+2 tell) 2080.0%
LDem0 41 (+2 tell)068.3%
PC0 2066.7%
Total:278 47053.5%

What does this say about the Conservatives? They abstained from the issue. They are lily livered loons and should not be in power, The electorate has been misled by David Camerons sweet talking but when the actual acts of the party are taken into account this is a gaping omission on his part and on his party the Conservatives who are by abstaining letting the matter go unchallenged.

Of note all the LibDems in the House voted to condemn the motion and only 2 Labour MPs

The full report of how the vote went is here in the public whip

This is frankly sickening The Conservatives and Labour MPs who abstained or voted against the motion to condemn the bill should be thrown out of office.

It is completely sickening.


  1. Henry, it's called politics. A certain defeat was to happen on a matter of great importance. In order to avoid any Conservative possibly supporting Labour, abstention was the better option.

  2. But that means the bill goes ahead Which is the bigger evil?