Monday, March 23, 2009

More Tasers for Police Forces in England and Wales

"He fell down the stairs, guv. Into some power cables"

From the Register this morning:

The Home Office yesterday announced funding for a further 6,000 Taser electroshock stunguns to be used by police forces across England and Wales. Nonetheless it appears that in London the weapons will not be given out willy-nilly widely issued, a situation condemned by rank-and-file officers' spokesmen.Just why are the rank and file so worried about not carrying weapons of death?

The funding for 6,000 additional Tasers is on top of an initial budget for 10,000 made available last year. All of the new flying-cattleprod guns are intended for issue to absolute amateur trigger happy plods specially-qualified police not serving in firearms units.

Link to story above in italics.

"It is extremely fucking annoying disappointing that the Metropolitan Police Authority has not taken advantage of this funding," said Paul McKeever of the Police Federation, representing the arse end and stupid bottom four ranks of plods. "Not only does Taser provide a more less lethal alternative to firearms but it provides confidence and reassurance so we can just taser and be done with it to officers when confronted with volatile situations."

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