Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blog round up

Many medical blogs are finding out about Common Purpose. Many Political Blogs are doing the G20 quickstep. Some blogs think that the politics of this country are so despicable but wonder why there are still Labour supporters

The most worrying thing is that our browsing habits are about to be scrutinised which is a breach of personal freedom.

The EU seems to have taken sovereignty and is now imposing laws that Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini would have been proud of.

More jabs at the British Public are being organised and then I see posters saying dont take it out on our staff? Well who should we take it out on then? Your staff are the ones being irritable.

I was at my GPs surgery to have some blood taken and I heard this lady shouting at a patient You were shouting at me She was louder and more acerbic than him

Pot calls kettle blacker

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