Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Henry North stands for Parliament

Henry is standing as the Libertarian Party Candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green in the next General Election.

He would like your support in publicising this and by generating lots of support which might get turned in to votes.

I suppose I can even vote for myself,as Im registered in my own constituency. Don't worry if you dont see the name Henry North on your ballot paper, but look for the Libertarian party candidate, thats right the one with the yellow griffin on the light blue background a bit like this little fellow here

Join LPUK link

You will of course want to know more about us and our manifesto which can be read here

Remember I am wholly for civil liberties, and will represent my constituency properly and fairly.


  1. Well done Henry, and of course I wish you all the best when (and if?) the election is called!

  2. Any battle for civil liberties gets my support. I still believe the best direction is more rightie, of course!

  3. Good luck Henry, Cmon the Libertarians hail hail!!

  4. Don't pay too much up front. I' not certain there will BE an election

  5. Havent paid anything, yet Will wait until it is called first

  6. You really are doing this? How exciting!