Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hoist by her own petard (2)

From the Register:

Last but by no means least, Clair Lewis, National Convenor for CAAN, has offered an olive branch to Ms Smith. In a letter to the national press, she writes: "as Home Secretary and as part of this puritan government, Jacqui Smith has done more than almost anyone to meddle with and regulate the sexual choices made by consenting adults in private. There is therefore a most delicious irony to find her hoist by her own petard."

I first reported this in my post http://henrynorthlondon.blogspot.com/2009/02/jacqui-smith-hoist-by-her-own-petard.html

It is therefore even more gratifying that she continues to hoist herself and her husband the now infamous Richard Timney, to heights not even reached by David Mellor and Antonia de Sanchez.

Tut tut

Sources within the Home Office were dismissive of this line of speculation. They did not consider the subject matter watched to be relevant to any other aspects of government policy on censorship of the internet or indeed of any other medium. They gave assurances that the channel watched was NOT Red Hot TV and that there was no aspect of the content that raises any further issues. It was, in common parlance, "vanilla".

Vanilla eh No kinky stuff then... Shame Though I guess wearing football strip is also " Vanilla"


  1. Should not your title include "G string"?

  2. Vanilla? I'd heard it was at least Neopolitan.

    As for that pervy porn film 'Surf's Up' featuring penguins, is there no depth to which the man will not descend?

    As for Jackboots, it's her sneering at heritage that bothers me the most - sex just becomes more fun when someone bans it. Perhaps she ought to start with her husband though. Or perhaps the trouble is, she already had, hence his cable TV needs.

  3. Lot of interest in this one, isn't there?

  4. Any chance of a detailed look at some MPs hotel bills ? Do they still itemise pay-to-view TV film charges ?

    Room Charge E350.OO
    Room Service 1 X Breakfast E56.00
    Mini-Bar 2 Johnnie Walker E38.60
    TV Channel "X" 'Lesbian Gang Bang' 23.10, 'Randy Ranchers Ride' 02:25 E34.00
    Telephone E67.65 ( breakdown on request )
    Newspapers 2 X UK Daily Star E3.00