Friday, March 20, 2009

Clear and Present Danger

It seems that Spring is in the air and suddenly the air has turned nasty or should that be nazi....

Following on from Alan Johnson's announcement that we will have " De mentors" enlisted by the NHS to offer 'on the spot' tasering advice in their local neighbourhood when they see people smoking, eating or drinking too much.

Of course, national socialist health issues have to be exported and extolled to the masses. After all fascist campaigns like this have occurred before, Nazi Germany being one example:

Tobacco was opposed by racial hygienists fearing the corruption of the German "germ plasm" (i.e., genetic material), by industrial hygienists fearing a reduction of people's capacity to work, by nurses and midwives fearing harm to the "maternal organism."
Has Alan Johnson been reading the old Monatsschrift für Krebsbekämpfung(Monthly Anti-Cancer Journal) that the Nazi's put out?

Hat tip to Fidothedog at Lone Voice

And then courtesy of Pulse magazine for GPs It seems that the GMC are asking for more sweeping powers because the power hungry psychopaths who fuck up all the time or lie through their teeth want a second chance at stitching us up body wants to extend the grounds that may trigger a review of decisions, and create a time-limit to allow them to re-examine cases up to two years after they take place, or even longer in ‘exceptional circumstances’.

This is for their Fitness to Practise procedures.

"Nick Clements, head of medical services at the Medical Protection Society, said the changes would place doctors under unfair pressure.

He said: ‘ It seems to be a case of double jeopardy for the doctor. The GMC appear to be arguing for Carte Blanche to say, ‘we want to be able to revisit our own decisions in case we fucked up or were found lying got it wrong the first time’"

H/T to Jobbing Doctor

I dont know about you but I find this breaching human rights

I think the view of these two organisations and the government is akin to Weltanschauung. Jaundiced and in need of treatment A good general election with a 90% turnout is required.


  1. Join the Libertarians Laura We'd love to have you We are based on common sense principles

  2. Thanks Henry, but I doubt I'd be Liberal enough being as I'm also against social abortion, drug use, sexual incontinence etc. I guess what I stand for is the best of the values of the past mixed with the best the present has to offer. Too many people seem too keen to dismiss the past and even wipe it off the face of the earth (if they are politicians/developers), but I think we should both respect and learn from our forebears, and indeed build on that knowledge rather than try and rip it up and start again (aka keep reinventing the wheel).

  3. As an alcoholic, I am rather upset by the fact that the government is clearly trying to avoid treating people like myself on the grounds that its really my own fault. It started with the smokers, currently us alkies are engaging the governments wrath but after us it is almost inevitably going to be anyone who qualifies as obese. For fucks sake, I have paid so much in tax on the scary amounts of grog I have drunk that I should have my own NHS hospital named after me! Meanwhile the NHS seems to think it is appropriate to spend twenty billion quid on a flawed IT system that as far as I can tell doesn't even seem to work. I have a hard time with medical professionals, I avoided going to the hospital under all circumstances and in my case the long-term damage caused by my drinking and also osteo-necrosis means that it is probably too late for me to worry too much, but I respect anyone who does that job and is really dedicated. This government hides behind the lack of accountability which is quite frankly shocking. When I was in Guangdong I was talking to an American who suggested to me that a basic health service in China could be established for about sixty to seventy billion dollars a year. I questioned this because we spend more than that and we have seventy million people compared to nearly one and a half billion in China. The guy just laughed at me and said that the British NHS is a little similar to the US military, in other words it will take as much money as you give it and still need more. I then thought about how much the government has earned from the Oil revenues since nineteen seventy. Oil and Gas is taxed at scource at the pump and through corporate taxes. Earnings of three trillion dollars would probably be conservative, but who knows - this information is not readily available. If anyone asks where this money went a vague refrence to the NHS and social security is often made. When I think of the labour government, I just see a grasping bunch of free-loaders who really should be ashamed to have any connection to socialism, (Tessa Jowell, hows your husband and his allegedly condemmed blood sales to Africa). I am sure the next crop of conservatives will continue to redefine corruption as they have been away from the well for far too long although if the economy is going into a multi-year depression it may make sense to not win the next election. I have lived in Nigeria and Indonesia, the two countries that fight it out for the title of most corrupt nation and all I can say is you are stupid if you think what happens in other countries doesn't happen in yours.