Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rations MP on holiday in Lombok

Alan Duncan the man whose lawn was dug up, who invited the man who did it to the House of Commons is on holiday in Lombok with his partner.

In an exclusive resort, and paying at least £10000 for the holiday. No wonder he feels that he is on rations. Ever thought about living within your means and mixing with the little people Alan?

Oh that would never do would it? Can't possibly bump into a constituent on holiday It would mean that you couldn't escape from work. Being an MP isn't about shirking and avoiding your constituents its about working for them and being their representative 365 days of every year that they vote you in for.

Not to mention your carbon footprint for the whole trip. Not very green are we, yet your party is known as "progressive" Yeah and the rest. You don't fool me.

Actions speak louder than words ever can.

You sir are a disgrace.

Along with the other 642 members in the house who are just like you. There are a few exceptions.

After all you aren't needed anymore, everything is rubber stamped when it comes from the EU on high. If the masses ever found out you would be lynched.



  2. I didn't know Duncan was dating Rick Astley. ;-)