Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The truth about vaccines

A lot of you who read this blog are probably wondering why I dont give out health advice, or comment on health issues, If the werewolves are printing off this blog then maybe I shouldn't

But for those of you with an open and enquiring mind here is the following link

Read it and then do your research on google and see if you can destroy his arguments.

Facts are facts There were no widespread cancer cases or cancer clusters before vaccinations. There were no cancer epidemics in the early 1900s or we would have heard about them they would be written up in the medical literature much like the chimneysweepers and scrotal cancer.

I rest my case.

Occupational hazards and cancers have always gone together but now due to health and safety surely that shouldnt be happening anymore so why are there so many cancers still out there.

Ask questions, demand proper answers. Knowledge is power.

In experiments conducted during the 1970s and 80s, the prisoners were inoculated with flu vaccines containing genetically engineered viruses and mycoplasma . It is suspected that vaccines were being covertly developed and deployed as biological warfare weapons. Nobel prize winner James Watson, world famous for his discovery of the molecular structure of DNA and a leading researcher of the still ongoing Human Genome Project, was involved in these prison experiments.

Still think Swine Flu Vaccination is a good idea?


  1. Thank goodness for common sense. Surely nobody will have this vaccination now with all the recent publicity. I'll be wrong of course, many in the UK refuse to take responsibility for their own health and therefore just take the word of the tabloids as gospel.

  2. No way am I getting the flu vaccine. No way!

  3. Three decades ago, kids played in the streets, people were not sedentary and obese, everybody got out and about at least for part of the day, health costs were down and the GP system worked well. What went wrong?

  4. The Government White Paper of 1990 by Virginia Bottomley. Thatcherism with Purchasers and Providers and a drastic difference in how GPs got paid with emphasis on targets etc

    The rot started then.